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The Gillette Federer Tour fun times continue in Argentina


Federer's tour in Argentina

Federer’s tour in Argentina

Did you think just one post on ‘Exo Roger’ would be enough to capture all the fun? I didn’t. Not when I knew that Roger Federer still had Argentina and Colombia left to cover on the Gillette Federer Tour. So without any further ado, let’s move on to part 2 of “What We Learned About ‘Exo Roger’”, this time in Buenos Aires.

Don't worry Delpo, you're my friend too! (just not as much as Rafa)

“Don’t worry Delpo, you’re my friend too! (just not as much as Rafa)”

#1. Before heading off to Argentina, Roger stopped by the gorgeous Iguazú Falls. I urge all to go see his video clip – it’s only about a minute long but that’s long enough to show how much fun he had. Despite having been all over the world, he still marvels at new thrills and experiences. And the fact that he has RF senior on his side is just the icing on the cake.

#2. In the first press conference the day before the exhibition matches were to start, Del Potro said he considers Roger a friend though he wasn’t sure whether Roger felt the same way. The Swiss quickly allayed Delpo’s fears by reassuring him he does too thereby setting the tone for this 2 day tour, as we soon discovered.

Yes my curls remain intact and glossy regardless of temperature or humidity

“Yes my curls remain intact and glossy regardless of temperature or humidity”

#3. Roger learned how to BBQ Argentinean style. And we learned it was possible for a man to wear bright pink and totally pull it off. We also learned that “Honey, I’ve been working the grill all day” is not an acceptable excuse for men having a bad hair day. See the Maestro’s hair as evidence.

#4. Delpo and Roger won in tennis football when they took on football great Batistuta. The two clearly make a great team built on mutual affection, trust and oodles of smiles and giggles, the cornerstones of legendary bromances.

"Ummm Roger, I wanted you to be IN the photo"

“Ummm Roger, I wanted you to be IN the photo”

#5. Can we say the Argentinean President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has a crush on Roger? Please see the video till the end and decide for yourself. Madam President, it is completely fine to admit this; you have now joined legions of fans who know exactly how you feel, so welcome.

#6. Roger is quite the budding photographer. He took a beautiful photo of the Iguazú Falls and can be seen here taking a photo of his physio Stéphane Vivier with the President.

Forehands, backhands, bouncing balls on the side of the racket... Federer can do them all!

Forehands, backhands, smashes, bouncing balls on the side of the racket… All in a day’s work for the king

#7. We always knew Suiterer Federer looks dashing in a suit but Juan Martin showed he can clean up nicely too.

#8. Wherever Roger goes, pretty confetti rain down and settle on his peRFect hair.

#9. The first match between Delpo and Roger was quite intensely fought with not much frivolity; Delpo won in 3 sets. The next day Delpo loosened up and Roger joked around as per his usual Exo style. A classic moment was Roger’s racket tricks when he bounced the ball on the side of the head of the racket, and then came the Maestro’s classic racket twirling. Delpo tried to imitate, but in vain.

#10. If I have one-take away from the Argentina leg of the tour it’s the Federer-Delpo hugs. “FedPotro” hugs happened everywhere, all the time. In the last match, in the second set tie-break, they hugged when they changed sides at match point! Show me a bromance that has that! Of course when the match ended, many more FedPotro hugs followed, the high point being Delpo holding up FedEx’s hand cheering him on.

FedPotro Hugs!

FedPotro Hugs!

#11. FedPotro popped champagne and played around. A sweaty Federer soaked in champagne? We’ll take it! Though would’ve been nice if it was Moët & Chandon, no? For a portion of the fans, the scenes were reminiscent of a certain match that took place in Mallorca in 2007… but that’s for another post.

Stay tuned for the final episode of ‘Exo Roger’ when we end the tour in Colombia!





10 thoughts on “The Gillette Federer Tour fun times continue in Argentina

  1. Love this! Your write-ups of the tour help me revisit all my favorite moments! I love President de Kirchner’s reactions to Roger, especially her holding onto the door as she waved him off. Funny, I remember holding onto a door the first time I saw certain Rolex commercials. Give that woman an user name! Who else could put on a series of exhos and promotional activities with the style and verve of Fed. Amazing.


    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! I think I’m already going through a bit of a Federer withdrawal, especially after such an amazing exhibition! He’s clearly spoiled us! So revisiting these moments help with the withdrawal pains! I loved President de Kirchner’s video and I totally agree with you about holding onto the door! It’s why I said watch the video till the end. I too often need to hold onto to doors, chairs, any piece of furniture really, when I’m watching Roger! I wonder if we can petition for these exos to become an annual event! hmmmmm….


  2. One more thing about these exhos, the timing of them makes all the difference. I went to both of Roger’s exhos at Madison Square Garden and coming as they did between tournaments, were not nearly as full of entertainment as these occuring in the off-season. I can understand why players would take it easier when IW was only a couple of days away. But I defintely agree these should happen every year!


    • Yes I can definitely see that. I also think it’s the duration too… at least for Roger it was almost 2 weeks long, not something you just fly in and out of. He did a lot of off-court activities and really took in the whole experience so he was much more invested I think. Plus he has this childlike curiosity and enthusiasm that’s just infectious so we all get hyped too! I refuse to believe this was a one-off event. Hopefully Roger enjoyed it enough to schedule it again in the off-season (fingers crossed!).


  3. I liked the reaction of the President. That must have been tough for Roger, but I am glad he can handle it. Before he got into the vehicle, see him looking back and saying byebye to her! “You don’t wave and say byebye to a President!!” I thought Roger was being very sensitive to her, trying to mix personal and professional etiquette. But well it’s normal but tough when you are a public figure like head of state.


    • Roger took it all in his stride indeed. It’s one of the many qualities I admire about Roger, his ability to mix with heads of state, famous footballers and musicians, as well as fans from all walks of life, old and young, – all the while remaining grounded and just being himself. 😀


  4. I read it for the 3rd time today! Still smiling, honestly… Most touched again by the FedDelpo pics. And you described what happened with those 2 so well… I think the word ‘bromance’ is *the* most appropriate word for what’s happening between them… I mean, look at the pic at the right upper corner… Honestly too cute for words… 😉

    I also lóved Delpo’s sense of humour btw, when he tried to imitate Roger’s racket tricks… You could see from his expression that he realised he just wasn’t as good as the person he just witnessed across court…

    Such a treat to have been able to watch these exho’s. Saw a side of Roger that you don’t see all the time. And that makes sense. A proper match is something really different. But it is só só só nice that we could be part of this. And it confirmed a lot of ideas that I already had about him and created some new ones too… 😉

    Thanks again btw, for writing all this. I am very much looking forward to part 3!


    • Awwww thank you so much! I’m so happy that someone actually thought it was good enough for multiple reads!!! I’m also quite proud of my FedPotro Hugs collage, there were quite a few hug photos to choose from :p. I so agree about getting to see this side of Roger being such a treat! He’s usually so laser focused with a slightly furrowed expression in all his pro matches… no smiles.. till the end when he wins of course! All this time I knew he was an adorable, dork at heart underneath that suave exterior and through these exos he just let it out! Part 3 is actually taking a bit of time since it’s the last one, but it’s a labour of love so that’s ok 🙂 Thanks again for reading and for your encouraging words!


  5. This is great! I actually missed a few things before, like the video of the President…that was awesome. She was *so* fangirling, and I totally understand now why Rog got a meeting with her…lol. Thanks for compiling all these goodies for us to relive the exos…love the FedPotro bromance. 🙂


    • Thanks for the comments! I replayed that President video so many times, just to see the end if nothing else! And I knew you’d appreciate the FedPotro bromance! They were so utterly cute! I’m sure it was amazing for Delpo to be able to play Fed in front of 20,000 of his own people! Though Fed probably got more cheers (as he does everywhere), but still… and anyway Delpo was cheering for Roger too! Working on part 3, trying to select which moments to capture and which to drop. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks again for reading it, was hoping you would!


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