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Roger Federer pushes to 5-sets before ending his run at the Australian Open


I don’t know what to write for this final Australian Open post. Roger Federer lost a 5-setter in the SFs to Andy Murray 4-6, 7-6(7-5), 3-6, 7-6(7-2), 2-6. Do I end right there? I am feeling down but not for the loss in particular, because Roger fought valiantly till the end. In fact, this was the first time in his illustrious career that he ever had to play 2 back to back 5-setters and I think that was tougher than any of us including Federer might have imagined. But unlike last year when he lost to Andy in straight sets the two times he played him (i.e. The Olympics and Shanghai), yesterday the Swiss was determined not to roll over, when perhaps, he had a better justification for it than last year due to the long QF he played two nights prior. 

He was down right from the start and was forever chasing Murray who was fresh and in peak form with excellent serves. Roger’s serve meanwhile totally failed him and his bad service games continued from the QF. Except for the 2nd set when the first serve % was 75%, for sets 1, 3, 4 and 5 they were 58%, 54%, 58% and 54%. Even more shocking, his second serve, usually one of the most reliable on tour, failed him even more. For the overall match his second serve points won was a measly 42% but in sets 3 and 5 it fell to 18% and 25% respectively. Furthermore, it took him till the 4th set to finally break Andy and then he got broken back twice and let Andy serve for the match at 6-5. But miracles do happen when Federer is on court and he broke back, took the set to a tie-break and won that too. I had thought that would fuel his drive to take the 5th but in the end his energy level dipped and Andy honed in and took the set and the match. Here are the stats.AOSFI am still unsure why after serving so beautifully in the first 4 matches, his serves dropped so sharply. Was it a matter of fatigue? An injury? Sudden weather changes? We know it was getting much colder at night on the courts as the tournament got deeper. While Murray’s camp created a hullabaloo about their charge not getting any night matches, I think (despite us fans loving the pink outfit) Roger would have preferred day matches. The schedule is healthier than going to bed at 4 am and he can handle the heat. Regardless, something happened to the gorgeous serves he used to kill off Paire, Davydenko and especially Tomic and Raonic; in that Round 4 match, Federer was godlike. I hope it’s not any injury and I’m sure this is something his team will work on before the next tournament in Rotterdam.

Other than his serves, one more aspect stood out for me and it is tied with why I’m feeling down. It was his energy, and I don’t mean stamina, I mean his energy as in, his vibe. Somehow in this match, he didn’t seem positive going in and there were flashes of anger, frustration and negativity all throughout the match. Yes he was playing catch up but I’ve seen him do that before without being so annoyed. It reminded me of the 2011 US Open SF and how upset he was after it. I think he was very right to take time off then and skip the Asian swing because when he came back, he seemed fresh and rested and then promptly won 3 titles in a row. I hope his energy dip was just for this SF match and he will rebound soon and come back rearing to go in 16 days in the Netherlands. That tournament is indoors on hard courts which is his preferred surface. It’s best of 3 and also much closer to home so hopefully that will spur him on and he’ll use these 2 weeks to relax and recover.

I’m probably feeling down because I got the impression that Roger is feeling down, more than normal. Given his form in the first 4 matches perhaps he was as surprised as we were about the dip in the next 2. But upon some inspection I think there are some good take-aways from this tournament for Roger. First I believe he played a better Australian Open this year than 2011 and 2012. Second, his draw was ridiculously tough this year. With a slightly easier draw the results would’ve been different. I cannot help but picture what might have been had he played Ferrer in the SF instead of Murray; I’m absolutely certain we would have seen Roger in the finals tomorrow.

Third, at the end of 2012, my three areas to work on for Roger were his serve, his break-point conversion rate and winning tie-breaks. I’ve discussed my confusion with his serves above. As for converting tie-breaks, we Federer fans have been living with this one for quite a while so looks like that’s here to stay. As for tie-breaks, by his usual standards he didn’t do that well last year; he played 35 tie-breaks and won 20. So far at the Australian Open, he played 6 tie-breaks and won every one of them which I am very thrilled about. And lastly, at least in the first 4, no make that 5 matches, his stamina and movement held up. Still not entirely sure it was a good idea to skip any warm up tournaments though he did reach the SFs this year just like he did last year, so perhaps it didn’t harm him. He definitely seemed to have enjoyed his time-off so I will just accept that Maestro knows best. I think he might even repeat this schedule next year, we’ll see.

And so with a heavy heart the 2013 Australian Open has drawn to a close for me. I think the championship is Novak’s to lose and if he wins, he will be the first to win an Australian Open three times in a row and will tie Agassi and Federer with 4 total wins in Melbourne. But as with almost every time Roger plays these days, he set several records of his own this tournament so I’ll leave you with these:

  • This was Roger’s 53rd consecutive appearance at a Grand Slam, placing him 3rd on the all time list.
  • It was his 55th appearance at a Grand Slam in total, placing him tied at 8th on the all time list.
  • He is yet to be defeated by a player born in the 1990s.
  • He won his 250th Grand Slam match with his Round 3 win and ultimately ended up with 252 wins to 38 losses in his career so far. This is a new record breaking his previous one.
  • FedEx reached his 35th consecutive Grand Slam QFs. This is an ongoing record held by the Swiss.
  • Roger has now reached a total of 39 Grand Slam QFs. He is 2nd on the list, 2 QFs behind Jimmy Connors.
  • Last night Roger played in his 10th consecutive Australian Open SF, another record set by him.
  • This SF was the Maestro’s 33rd Grand Slam SFs in total which is yet another record by Federer breaking his previous one.
  • He has now won a record 68 matches at the Australian Open, again breaking his own record from last year.

Looking at those records I can’t help but feel proud of our champ. We are blessed to live in the Roger Federer era, and I was most proud of him when he took last night’s match to 5 sets from the brink of defeat in the 4th. The loss hurt him, you could tell, as much as it hurt us. I thought even Jim Courier didn’t seem jovial in his interview with Murray, the man missed the classic interviews that Roger provides and every interview with Roger at this Australian Open has just been brilliant! If you haven’t watched them, do so now. Roger seemed calm and cool in his presser and gave full credit to Murray. When asked where this leaves him now, he said,

So I go from here with a good feeling for the year.  I didn’t play a tournament leading in, so now obviously I know where my level is at.  Also knowing I have even more time to work on my game, work on my fitness this year.  It’s something I’m excited about.

We’re excited too Maestro, onwards and upwards, the season has just begun, I’m sure we’ll see much more amazing tennis from the king in the days to come. See you in Rotterdam!


22 thoughts on “Roger Federer pushes to 5-sets before ending his run at the Australian Open

  1. What a semi final. So much has happened. Hard to get your head wrapped around it, isn’t it?! At least that’s how I felt.

    I watched the last bit of the 4th set just now including the TB. And I saw it even better today: it was a mental thing. Not the 1st set, maybe not part of the 2nd even. But from there on, he was so easily irritated, looking up by every little noise from the crowd, giving the ump a few very dirty looks, not happy with Andy *at all* (and not just during the outburst), not happy with himself… It just didn’t work at all for him, most of the time anyway. At least, that’s how it seemed to me. I don’t know, the whole body language became very unsettling to me… We will most likely never know if it’s true; if there was something going on in his head that made him like that. And maybe we’re wrong. I hope so. Or at least, if we’re right, I hope it was something temporary. I trust the people around him more than 100% to get him out of the mode soon, but it was very different from what I’ve seen over the years. And I haven’t seen all of his matches, but quite a bit and this doesn’t happen too often. Somehow I do have a feeling also that his back wasn’t 100% either. Lots of little things that made me think that. I do think however, that as long as it’s not getting really serious, we will never hear about it (which is perfectly understandable, cause he’s already under a magnifying glass anyway).

    I could say so many things about his serve, his inability most of the time to take advantage of the fact that Andy had a lot of 2nd serves as well but you wrote it all down perfectly and I agree with almost everything. He said a week ago or something that some opponents make you play better, some make you play worse and I think Andy’s definitely in the last category for many reasons. What he did in London was outstanding and I believe he will beat Andy again at some point, but he is one of the difficult ones… But he fought hard (understatement), he played ok (but certainly didn’t bring his A game no) and there were a few brilliant shots still and I have a HUGE amount of respect for the way he won the 4th set and took Andy to 5 sets. GOAT.

    There is no doubt in my mind we will see great things this year. He made it to the semis. Again. And did some really really incredible stuff, this AO. Hope he now gets to rest, gets his head cleared (!) and feels fit and happy very soon.


    • Thanks for your comments and I agree with them completely. That’s what bothered me the most, the mental thing. He’s usually so strong mentally, he wears that mask that is impregnable. Obviously he was no where close to Murray who keeps mumbling and swearing at every opportunity. But by his standards, he was clearly disturbed. I really hope it was a one-match thing and as you said “gets his head cleared” and feels happy. You know the loss last year at the WTF was so painful too. But he was fine in his presser and then that behind the scenes video an hour after the match with Totti and a few fans immediately put me at ease. Yesterday it seemed he was upset and annoyed at himself post match too. And I have since figured out that I am such an obsessive fan, my mood swings depend on Roger’s mood! Because I have been down all day and am not feeling any lighter really. Like I said in the post, it’s not the loss itself but rather how he’s taking it. I SO want him to shrug it off and just move forward. It’s only the beginning of the season so there’s plenty of tennis to be played. Hopefully he realizes how awesome he was in the first 5 matches and just puts this one out of his mind. Maybe the twins are helping him forget as we speak :D. *sigh* Hopefully we’ll get a happy fb update or picture or video that will let us know he’s doing just fine!


  2. I hear from quite a few people who’ve also followed him closely that they think he is okay. Not sure if they based that upon things they heard, saw or experienced or that it’s just their own feeling about it, but it was still nice to hear. I thought he was a bit down and still frustrated during the presser, but I’m sure it got better soon quite quickly. He does have stuff to think about for sure, but he’ll come back stronger.

    The only remaining concern I have is how he feels physically. I couldn’t help but thinking there was something with his back or maybe his shoulder, that got him to serve so differently from the first 4 matches. However, I do think also that if there were to be a (minor) problem, it’ll get fixed very soon too.

    I watched the TB 4th set and the bit before that today as said earlier and I could also see Andy’s facial expressions better and I didn’t like what I saw. As good as he was about the whole ‘outburst incident’ during his presser (Andy I mean), I thought during the match it was terrible oncourt behavior sometimes towards Fed. And I’m not saying that because it’s Fed, I would have said that with anyone. Who knows why Andy changed his attitude during the presser, but it was the only right thing to do imo.

    Anyway. As Fed said, he knows where his game is now, at the start of this year. He knows what he still has to do. He can talk about it with his team, to see where he can improve things to keep competing with Novak and Andy and I think there will be plenty of opportunities he can display his greatness and show us more beautiful tennis.


    • I agree with you about Andy’s expressions, I just try to block them out because he makes them all the time. Usually it’s directed at himself but there are times when he does it to the other player. I think just like me the media is also used to it and makes no big deal about it whereas Federer has one off day and all hell breaks lose. Maybe in a way that’s a compliment to Roger, it’s so rare an occurrence that everybody is shocked.

      And yes I thought Roger was tightening up, especially in the 5th set. He kept rotating his shoulders. I almost thought for a minute he would call a trainer but I think he might have not wanted to give that mental edge to Andy and be perceived as weak. or it could be something else entirely of course as I am not blessed to have access to his brilliant mind! As long as it’s not serious I am fine. Niggles can hopefully be treated quickly.

      The 2 weeks off will do him good. I’m glad he’s not playing DC, he needs this rest. Hope to see him soon.. although my ‘seeing’ will be on tv, your will be live! I’m so jealous but even more happy for you! Maybe one day I’ll get that opportunity *sigh*


      • I know he does that and I block them out too, móst of the time at least 😉 However, there were 1 or 2 in particular that I picked up this match and they stuck with me… And if Fed’s done the same that day and already had an off day I can see why ‘they were checking each other out’ (to speak with the Maestro’s words). Can fully imagine why the outburst came… And you’re right: if he has an off day, all hell breaks lose. I found that even more difficult (the negativity) maybe than the loss. Losing in the semis is by no means a disgrace. But as I said, he’s under a magnifying glass with everything he does. More than any other player imo.

        And I think you’re right about the reason he might not have called a trainer. And imagine, if he were to have other (even minor) problems than his back, all hell breaks lose again. Then the whole ‘age thing’ starts to come up again, while they conveniently forget Fed’s been practically injury free for a long time, esp compared to some other players…

        Sorry for my ranting 😉 I get a bit carried away sometimes 😉


  3. Your blog is really good, I think you really give a nice and interesting perspective of Roger (personality and his tennis) but also you give some pretty close thoghts to what the RF community thinks about our champ.
    Please keep posting news because you are doing great. See you in Rotterdam!


    • Thank you so much! After years of being an obsessed fan I finally started the blog only recently and I’m getting comfortable with it just now so it’s wonderful to hear such warm feedback! The RF community is very strong, as we’ve shown time and time again by voting him as the fan favorite player for the past 10 years and I’m proud to be a part of it! I’ll keep posting and hopefully readers like you will keep visiting! Do check out some of my previous posts too if you have time. If you’re a Federer video junkie you’ll love the Video Anthology post I did beginning of the year. Thanks again for your support and most definitely see you in Rotterdam! Allez Federer!


  4. Awww thanks for the recommendation natasja0409! Those 3 were the most fun posts to write! 11 days of Roger heaven! 😀


  5. Hi natasja0409! Feel free to rant! Gives us something to talk about besides the tedious match currently taking place. 😉 I am soooo missing Roger! It should’ve been him in the final for sure against either of these guys. It seems Nole got all the advantages of Rafa’s absence and that too, JUST when Rafa started to defeat him again. *sigh* I hope Roger isn’t watching the match now… hope he’s relaxing with friends and family. Do we know if he’s gone to SUI or Dubai? :-/


    • Awwwww…YAY! Actually, I did that too yesterday… wanted to make myself feel better so I reminisced about that trip, and then re-watched some of his videos of the exo, like the Brazilian pac-man one and I found a montage of Fedonga moments in the Bogota match which was so cute!


  6. I actually thought he’d be watching the match… He would have loved the bird! 😉 And he loves tennis so he probably will have been watching. Checking both guys out for future matches… You never know. But most of all, I hope too he is relaxing with friends and family. I am not sure where he’s gone. Haven’t read or heard anything yet. And yes, I’m missing him too. It was like we said on Twitter today: put Novak and Andy on a court and tennis gets boring. Fed does really bring out the best in people… Got a bit fed up with people writing this final was such an awesome match… (what match were they watching??)

    During this morning’s final, I’ve been reading Wimbledon pressers from last year btw, catching up… I only watched the matches and saw a few pressers, but it wasn’t the time to do anything more. Nice way to spend my time on a Sunday 😉 Some funny things in there, as always. SA is on my list for this week. I don’t want to wait until Rotterdam so that should make up for that, at least a bit 🙂


    • Haha, I’m sure he smiled when he saw the feather! and yes I don’t know what match people were watching, it was just a slug-fest mixed with Novak screaming at his shoes, Andy screaming at his box, the ball boy, at himself, at birds…. no finesse to this match. And as we were discussing, Federer’s game is so unique that you have to come with creative shots of your own to defeat him, so a Federer-Novak or even a Federer-Andy match is far more interesting. I almost think Federer would’ve had a better chance against Novak yesterday because a sub-par Roger can still give Novak (and anybody else) more problems than a sub-par Andy. Wish Andy’s serves had failed him in the SFs as it did ultimately in the Final. Am sick of Nolandy/Novandy already and it’s only January! 😦 Hope Rafa comes back soon and we can have different match-ups soon. Although knowing Federer’s luck, he’ll have both Rafa and Andy on his side of the draw, just wait and see. 😦

      Seems like a long wait for Rotterdam… although for now I’m interested to see Rafa. Did you know he’s playing doubles with Pico too? Anyway, I’m sure everyone will be on the lookout for Rafa’s comeback including RF, and Andy and Novak too, need to figure out where he’s at.

      In the meantime, see you on twitter! Catching up on Wimbledon seems like a great idea! I was watching clips of Roger’s insane shots that are strewn across youtube. there’s so many of them! 😀


  7. This is all going to be interesting this year. I heard about Rafa playing doubles with Pico. We’ll see where he’s at, yes, right now. I consider him to come back very strong actually. Of course there is no match rhythm but other than that… He wouldn’t do it for less, I think… And Wimbledon, yes, it was very nice 🙂 Read all Roger’s transcripts from last year and started the year before but realised I still know quite a few of them quite well (read and saw a lot more then). Have also been serving on the web a bit for photos and youtube clips just like you, cause it’s nice to catch up with other things in life, but there always needs to be a bit of tennis and a bit of Roger in it… It makes the time until Rotterdam a bit easier, although there is plenty to organise for it, so that’d keep me busy 😉 My hopes are for a Fed/Delpo final; that would honestly make me the happiest woman on this planet that day 🙂


    • Ahh a FedPotro final, just like the year before… If the results are the same as 2012 I’ll take it! I think Roger could do with a win. So yes, next week will try to catch the Rafa matches, though they’ll come on at 3am in the morning for me! *ouch!* So I guess I should say I’ll TRY to watch them. We’ll see how it goes. If only I didn’t have to go to work everyday! Real life is always getting in the way of my tennis obsession! I’ve decided that I want to watch the AO R3 and especially R4 matches again. He was just breathtaking :-). Just need ways to spend time without live tennis, withdrawal is indeed quite difficult!


  8. Withdrawal still difficult today… So happy YouTube and Google exist 😉 The “tennis madness during breaks”, as you said this morning on Twitter (spot on!)

    The FedPotro final with the same result, would be fantastic, even though I’m a Delpo fan too. Fed always comes first. I think the hug afterwards would be the icing on the cake that day 😉 I’m hoping and hoping and hoping. Visualising even. You never know, it may help… Getting the title for a 2nd time in a row, would be awesome. I’d be so happy for him, it that would work. It’s the 40th time this tournament is held, so I think the atmosphere might be even more special. I cannot wait, honestly. Counting the days. But in the meantime, there is real every day life and that does get in the way here too lots of times! 😉 But we will manage to squeeze it in, I know we will… And I will just keep sending you YT videos at moments I shouldn’t, hah! 😉 All for a good cause, to make waiting easier, though… (ahem…) 😉


  9. I like your visualization idea! I hope it works out. I’m a little nervous for Roger because he has a TON of points to defend from now till basically Rome. He’s the defending champion in every tournament he’s entered: Rotterdam, Dubai, IW and Madrid, all 4 in a row. *sigh* But worrying is what we Federer fans do… I think also the off-season tennis madness makes me obsesses about anything remotely related to tennis so I’m over-thinking already.

    I didn’t know this was Rotterdam’s 40th year. It would be really nice if he won! Thankfully other members of the Big 4 aren’t there, correction the Big 5 (keep forgetting Rafa is 5 now). As for YT links, I have a love-hate relationship with them; obviously they distract me from my real life but then I’m addicted to tennis so I can’t go for too long without having ‘my fix’ if you know what I mean! So yes, I’m secretly hoping you continue to send me such distractions to “(ahem…) make the waiting easier”!!!!


  10. We are always worrying, overthinking because we care. At least, that’s how I see it. I keep trying to have a bit of Fed’s coolness and it still helps from time to time… What I find difficult at the moment, or always actually, but esp after the semis is all the bad press and the nasty things people say about him… Sure, if it was based on something, I’d go ‘okay, I don’t like it, but fair enough’, but what I read, is not based on anything. Well, based on envy and similar emotions I’d say… I’m trying not to read and let it go, but I can’t stand ‘injustice’ and these things I find unfair and uncalled for… Well, you probably know exactly what I mean…

    I really hope he’ll win Rotterdam. For him of course first and foremost, but secondly, cause that’d make my visit those two days even more special. Although I do think I’d be pretty blown away anyway, just because seeing him play live on court… And yes, no big 4/5 but the line-up is quite good… Tsonga and Delpo will keep him on his toes, I think… We’ll see. Fingers crossed!!

    And YT… Know what you mean. I have days where I stay away from it as far as possible, but sometimes I just need to go and (re)watch things, because of that ‘fix’, yes… 😉 So don’t worry: distractions will be sent, at least until Rotterdam 😉


  11. Tsonga and Delpo will most definitely keep him on his toes. Delpo will try to show his AO exit was a fluke and Tsonga looks more focused than I have ever seen him before, he’s not as up and down during matches as he used to be. The good thing about 3-setters is your stamina isn’t as tested but obviously the flip side is the match can get away from you pretty quickly if you’re down a set. We’ll see. If Roger wins it will do him a world of good, getting a title so early in the year. Hoping that the indoor hard court is something he’s looking forward to, he’s traditionally been excellent on these courts though towards the end of last year he faltered a teeny bit. But I put that down to more fatigue and less practice rather than Roger losing his magician’s touch on these courts.

    I so hear you about all this negativity that often borders on baseless hate towards Federer in articles that come out every time he loses a match. Actually, even when he wins, a lot of articles say it was a fluke and his doomsday is right around the corner. It started since he lost Wimby 2008 and has continued ever since. And they don’t realize that he’s been around 4.5 more years and counting, still playing at an extremely high level. I used to follow the bleacher report but just vicious comments inside the article as well as the readers’ comments all made me just stop going to that website. No need for such negativity in my life!

    Anyway, the Credit Suisse commercials made me feel very happy indeed yesterday, was nice to see a smiling Roger! As for the flower shop commercial itself, twitter is probably a better forum to unleash my inner fangirl than this blog post so I’ll keep silent about it here ;-).

    So awesome that you have your Rotterdam tickets! only 10 days to go!


  12. Goodmorning! Well, it’s morning here 😉 How are you?
    The two times Rog played Rotterdam he won, so I am hoping he’ll keep up with the tradition, but I think he has a good chance of doing that and besides, I think he would want to put his mark down there again. He is always cool about winning and losing and it’s all part of it, but I do think that sometimes he does like to do that, cause he knows he (still) can 🙂

    I stopped reading Bleacher Report about 6 months ago. I am fine if people write something that’s based on good reasons, on logic. I then probably still wouldn’t like it, but the things they do are not based on anything really. Wished I had stopped reading earlier. It’s the same principle actually when I was reading about the Tsonga match. When Fed waited for Tsonga so they could walk off court together, before Jo really went off court and Fed gave his interview, there were actually people (quite a few!) who said ‘oh, I’m really surprised that he did that’ and similar comments… Couldn’t believe it. I should be used to it by now, but I think I néver will be… I was thinking ‘well, that’s really not that surprising, he has waited for Jo more than once in the past, does that sometimes with other people too, really, it’s not that unusual’… But I guess those are the kind of people who already have their opinion ready and really don’t care to look any further… As said, I will never get used to it…

    The CS commercials were, eh are, great! I loved them. Besides the obvious reasons, I was thinking that there is someone really clever in their PR department. They made a commercial for guys, one for girls and one general… That’s good stuff. Clever thinking. And Twitter is a great place for fangirling… 😉 Some things you just need to separate as much as possible 😉 I can see why you’d want that. There isn’t enough room on Twitter anyway, literally with the limited amount of characters, to talk about tennis the way you do it here. So we’ll just continue that part of the conversation, about flowcharts, commercials over there 😉

    I’m now going to sort some (tennis) photos out in folders, that I have collected over time… And then get on with day to day life here… Really, that does get in the way of ‘tennis stuff’, you are absolutely right 😉


    • Hi! Sorry for the delayed response but I was working on my new post which is finally done! So do take a look if you have time! I am so with you on the Bleacher Report! I rarely visit now. And the articles as well as the comments just keep getting more insane, rude and ridiculous, so good riddance from my life. I barely have enough time to juggle real life with WATCHING tennis, (and doing my blog!) and twitter, so much better to save time for things that won’t irritate me right off the bat.

      Am sooo excited about Rotterdam! Now that it’s only a week away! Which means you get to see him soon! YAY! I hope he wins too… more than I did last year because last year he had a fantastic end in 2011 whereas this year… well I think a win would do him good! I’m already looking forward to the Rotterdam opening ceremony and everything!

      The CS commercials were so fabulous that I included them in my newest post, I couldn’t help it! I thought of that last paragraph as an ode to my fangirling, but I kept it as minimal as possible! and yes they were quite smart with the 3 ads for 3 audiences too! But yes, most of my gushing will be limited to twitter, it’s just the perfect place for it :-D.

      To end this on a sad note, I’m still feeling awful for Stan; this Davis Cup really took it out of me! I think because I watched every SUI match diligently and my real life miraculously didn’t interrupt me. I hope he sees the positives in this and take them as a sign of things to come… I actually feel this is his year to win things… if he keeps this level up,there’s no reason why he shouldn’t.

      Hope you were able to sort and look through your tennis photos… I do that too, organize them in folders every couple of weeks, else I lose track! Hope to continue our tennis discussions in my new post!


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