This blog covers all things RF. It is dedicated to my dearest friend and avid FedFan @EfieZac. May she RIP 💙

Mmmm… Caramel!


Now that we’re so close to Roger Federer rejoining the tour you might be wondering how he spent his 7-week hiatus. Don’t bother – you’re just an average human being, how could you possibly imagine what a superhero does in his weeks off? Now, now, don’t fret! I’m swooping in here for the rescue with a helpful chart for us ordinary people to better understand the Maestro’s world:

When Roger has 7 weeks off he… When we mere mortals have 7 weeks off we…
Practices A LOT – In exotic mountainous locations where courts have been dug out from amidst the unforgiving yet spectacular rocky terrain. He even arranges for other ATP players including a certain drop-dead gorgeous Tommy Haas to practice with him.  Sleep. Or if we practice tennis, we do it on crappy courts and I can guarantee we don’t get a Tommy thrown in the bargain.
Does a commercial for Lindt where he fancies a little chocolate treat Get hysterical over the new Roger ad and keep using “Mmmm Caramel!” randomly in everyday life, e.g. “The movie was so good! – just Mmmm Caramel!” – you like, no? hmmm, well I didn’t say it works all the time.
Visits the Rolex in Baselworld Go to the local mall shopping for sales… or window-shopping if we have cash problems *sigh*
Facilitates prize money increases for the US Open and Wimbledon as the President of the ATP Players Council Try to figure out how to pay for all the ‘holiday-ing’ without having to live on instant noodles for a year
Goes to St. Jakob Park to watch FC Basel vs. Chelsea with friend and fellow Swiss player Marco Chiudinelli Watch the same match on TV, just to spot Roger
Does a Rolex photo shoot that puts him in contention for the next James Bond (was the man born in a suit or what?) Try desperately to un-tag ourselves from photos that our inane friends shouldn’t have put on facebook in the first place – quick! Before your mother/boss/brother/teacher/colleague sees it!
Goes up the rankings to be back in the top 2 of the ATP – despite not playing. Because he’s Federer, Roger Federer Nothing, I have nothing on this one, we do nothing remotely this important or cool in our lives as to go up the ATP rankings while lying on the beach – Allez Roger!

So there you have it! With about 24 hours left to go till Roger arrives in Madrid, I leave you with this photo montage of our champ’s break. 😀 All the best for the upcoming season Federer!FedBreak2


9 thoughts on “Mmmm… Caramel!

  1. Love it 🙂 Puts our little lives into a very confronting perspective… Haha


    • 😀 Well, he brings such joy into our lives of cheap instant meals and cash-less purses, I think we’ll let him have his Rolex and that suit! The lifetime supply of Lindor Caramel however… now THAT is something I am truly jealous off! that and Tommy of course ;D Thanks for reading!


  2. Wish we could get a Tommy thrown into the bargain! 😉 Now that’d definitely something that would make you feel less average, haha 😉 I love it! You wrote it with such a sense of humor and the humor is one of the first things I loved about your writing, when I started reading your blog 🙂
    I would add to the right column, ‘catch up with TV series you love, cause normally tennis (read: Roger) gets in the way of that’, but that’s about it. I really can’t think of any more, cause it’s already complete and very well-written!


    • Hi Natasja! Thanks for reading and your comment! I totally agree with your TV show suggestion and I would add youtube in there too, now that I think of it. But I wonder what I could’ve added to the Roger side, I went through his list first you see 🙂 I get the feeling the Maestro doesn’t have much time for TV – although he is a fan of tennis so maybe he watched the other tourneys that’s happened thus far. Regardless, it felt good to write a fun post! It’s been a while but honestly we haven’t had the best start to the year so they haven’t been as forthcoming. However, I have a good feeling about his return. It might not be instant but as long as he shows steady return to form, I’ll be happy. We’ll see!
      Thank you for commenting despite Tommy playing! He is a set and a break up so things are looking good for now! See you on twitter! 😀


  3. Ah, I see why you didn’t add TV/YT in it… 😉 I get it now… 😉
    But you’re right, he might have been watching some tennis yes… Remember the JC interview where he literally said what you said “I’m a big fan of tennis”…?? The first time I heard that, I thought ‘duh… obviously you are, why are you saying it like that’, but afterwards I thought it was just cute esp cause he added ‘I hope people like to see me’ (or similar words)… No Roger, you have almost 13million likes on your FB page, but people don’t really like to see you… 😉 Dorkerer…
    Anyway… I’m in a good mood, cause Tommy won today by playing absolutely beautiful 🙂 The running he did was Daveed-like. Very impressive, also beautiful forehands and as always that lovely single-handed backhand… Sigh… But I’m taking side-paths now cause that’s not what this post is about!! Not long til he’s back on court, I am so ready for it… Also with lowered expectations, but I really just want to see him… He’s up for it and excited so that’s all good. Think he has missed it, not playing 🙂


    • Oh I remember that cute comment! I think it was from the AO QF with Tsonga and I was literally screaming at the TV EXACTLY what you just said “no Roger, millions of us tune in because we DON’T like you” – dorkerer indeed! I’m so excited to see him play! I hope he’s not too nervous! II would agree with you, I think he must have missed it. He’s too competitive and obsessed with the sport to NOT miss it 🙂 It’ll be great if the twins are there too! Cannot wait!


  4. I think he even said “I don’t know…” after the ‘hope people are watching me’… Sigh… 😉

    and now that he is actually in Madrid, I feel the excitement even more 🙂 It’s more real in a way now, if you see what I mean 🙂 Speaking about the JC interviews, I watched about 10 or something the other day… Perfect recipe for a bad mood as we have said more than once! Still think that DVD needs to be made 😉


  5. Great post! I had a good laugh at the using ‘mmmm caramel’ randomly in everyday life part. 😀


    • Haha, thank you! and I don’t think I’ll ever forget ‘Mmmm Caramel’ – just like the dance he did in the Gillette ad for the exo in Brazil… or I guess any of his ads actually :-). Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀


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