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Heat wave in Rome… oh no, it’s just Federer


Pushing up the temperatures in Rome with each practice

Pushing up the temperatures in Rome with each practice – feel free to fan yourself

And here we are! In the fabulous historic city of Rome; this also happens to be Roger Federer’s favorite city as well. As you can see I didn’t do a concluding Madrid post. That match took a lot out of me; I processed it for a whole day and by the time 24 hours passed by, enough articles and blog posts were written about it that ranged from disappointment, to rage to insults directed at the Maestro. I didn’t feel like entering the fray and thought, why not skip it, so I did. We all know what happened in that match; no sense in rehashing it now. Like Roger, I too want to put it behind me and look forward. As such, no analysis or strategies are included here. I am putting my faith in the Swiss and his formidable team and that is all I have to say on the matter at this point.

And actually, we don’t have to wait long at all to find out what Roger’s been up to. In a few hours, Roger will face Italian wild card entry Starace at 7:30pm Rome time. Starace is ranked 293 in the world and has a 0-6 H2H with Roger, having won only one set back in 2004. Hopefully Roger can come through without much fuss. After that he has a tough draw with Haas/Simon for Round 3, Tsonga/Gasquet/Dimitrov/Janowicz for QFs. For the SFs, he could face Delpo/Murray/Nishikori/Almagro with the final opponent as either Nadal or Djokovic.

The draw might get you down but the benefit of losing early in Madrid meant more time to practice and get used to the conditions, which are quite different from Madrid. In fact Roger has traditionally struggled here and never even won the title. But he’s been practicing hard and often while simultaneously making hundreds of fans who’ve come to watch him feel hot and bothered, in a good way ;). Judging by the photos on social media he had practice sessions with Anderson, Cilic, Youzhny and Troicki already. So compared to other years, he’s had a different preparation for Rome. That coupled with the unexpected early Madrid loss increasing his motivation even further, who knows what might happen this time around. Either way, I’m excited to see FedEx back on court and playing a match! And in the meantime, if those naysayers continue to bother you, just send them this Roger picture – no words needed 🙂

You really want me to answer such inane questions?

You really want me to answer such inane questions?

2 thoughts on “Heat wave in Rome… oh no, it’s just Federer

  1. I just found this blog this year and have been reading it regularly since. Your posts really help me analyze and understand Roger’s matches. Your constant support is very inspiring to me, and just like you, though it’s been a tough year so far, I’ll stand by Roger Federer no matter what. I just wanted to let you know that your writing is very inspirational and amazing. You really touch me and I’m extremely glad I found this blog. Keep writing and thank you!!
    Go Roger!!


    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting! And a special thank you for following the blog for a while now! The best reward the blog has given me is finding people like you from all over the world who think about our champ in the same way. Your comments come at a critical time for me because I have been wondering whether I am on the right track by choosing to remain positive and therefore possibly biased and/or unrealistic. But I figure there are a ton of people out there who are presenting a more neutral (?) view, so perhaps there is space for my kind of posts too. And thus without you knowing it, your comments had peRFect timing! Readers like you inspire me to write my posts so thank you for giving me that extra boost of confidence in my writing!

      I’m excited about Rome and have a good feeling about it. And you can be sure I’ll be glued to the tv when he comes out on court tonight – as I’m sure you will be too. Please do keep visiting the blog and thanks again! Allez Roger!


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