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New cupcake flavour: “Wimbledon 2013 Draw” (only if you’re Djokovic)


So the Wimbledon draw came out yesterday. Roger Federer has been placed in the same half as Murray and in the same quarter as Rafa. Here is the full draw. This is Roger’s projected path:

I assume this picture was taken while he talked about the draw ;)

I imagine this is how Roger was sitting when commenting on the draw 😉

R1-Hanescu, H2H 5-0

R2- Dutra Silva H2H 0-0 / Stakhovsky H2H 1-0

R3- Rosol H2H 0-0 / Fognini H2H 2-0 / Melzer H2H 3-1

R4- Almagro H2H 5-0 / Janowicz H2H 1-0

QF- Nadal H2H 10-20

SF- Murray H2H 9-11

Final- Djokovic H2H 16-13

 Here is what Roger said about the draw: “If you want to win this type of tournament, you have to beat the best anyway. You don’t want to hope for a good draw; you don’t hope for the worst draw either. At the same time you have to feel confident enough that you can do it all. It’s not an easy draw for Rafa, it’s not an easy draw for me, it’s not an easy draw for Andy. I am very much focused on my first round. If then the quarter-finals with Rafa would come along, it’s great news. I’m super excited. We’ve had some monster matches here in the past.”


Roger and coach Paul Annacone share a laugh at practice – with seemingly no worries about the killer draw

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, my twitter timeline resembled a volcanic eruption of lava tears of pain and torture. Fans all over the world expressed the 5 stages of grief and if twitter had audio, the dying calls of wounded deer would have filled-up cyberspace.

As I read and re-read Federer’s comments I couldn’t help but envy him. While he’s a super athlete with the mentality of cold hard steel, I am not. I don’t have what it takes to see these draws and yet be more interested in having a practice session with Lleyton. (They were watched by Lleyton’s son Cruz and that cuteness can’t be described so here’s the Instagram link  :))

I am not made like you Roger, I admit to my vulnerability of being simply human; of getting angry when I see a tough draw; of getting scared when you are down a break or a set; of getting despondent when you lose a match. I can’t recover like you, I can’t move forward as quickly as you do and it’s harder for me to shut off my ears to the nonsense that your pseudo fans and haters spout with each bad moment. But don’t feel too bad for me Rog, there is a flip side to this too. When you win, you maybe do a fistpump, raise your arm and gently clap your racket. On the contrary, I get to yell, scream, and jump up and down with delight. And when you sign the camera and wave, I happily wave back 😀

Federer practicing levitation

Federer practicing levitation

But back to the present, unlike Roger, I am wary of this draw. He’s facing the only two active players who have a positive H2H against him, one after the other, both at the peak of their powers; and that’s just to get to the final. But Roger would tell me, I’m getting ahead of myself. Who knows what the first week of slick, fast, low-bouncing grass will bring to the entire draw? So my plan is to focus on the first week for now and practice breathing into a paper bag to calm my nerves. I’ll cross that second week when we get there.

At the same time, I recognize that if this win were to happen, it would possibly be his greatest one yet. I remind myself there is none who moves on grass like him. I also realize that of all the courts in all the tournaments in all the world, Wimbledon Centre Court is his Fortress of Solitude. He comes here and gets rejuvenated while the doubting world watches with disbelief. It was here in 2003 when the talented 21 year-old finally fulfilled expectations with his first Grand Slam title. It was here in 2009 when after a tumultuous 2008 he regained his crown as the King. It was here in 2012 when, contrary to popular opinion that he was long done, he snatched his 7th Wimbledon, his 17th Grand Slam and the world number 1 all in one sweep. Maybe for the 8th time Roger will don his superhero cape and mesmerize us again. Could 2013 bring us some more magic? I am putting my faith in his genius and saying, Why not?

We won’t have to wait much longer. The Maestro, as the men’s defending champion will play the first match of Wimbledon 2013 on Centre Court this Monday. Allez Roger!


6 thoughts on “New cupcake flavour: “Wimbledon 2013 Draw” (only if you’re Djokovic)

  1. I love how you think! Just when I think I’ve gone all “zen” over all Roger has accomplished, just when I remind myself that I promised my slave ancestors that I would stop asking for stuff for Roger, if he would just get the GS record, and just when I remind myself that I had given up on the weeks at number one and then baby boy went on and did it anyway,,,,,,,,, just at that point, a match begins and I’m in the fetal position, clutching a pillow, “moaning, please, Roger, the next three points… “(it seems there is always some 15-30 bullshit). I swore on a stack of something that I would be the type of fan just grateful he is out there still dazzling us with his elegance, transfixing us with his artistry, and elevating his sport to something beyond physicality. Still waiting. It’s nice to have company.


    • I am EXACTLY the same way! Every time Roger is on the verge of achieving a record I look up to the heavens and say, just give him this and then you can stop….and then the cycle starts again with his next match. I clutch my pillow in frustration too and my cat gives me looks of concern/ bewilderment/ disdain depending on the time of day and whether I am interrupting his nap. I too start to stress from 15-30 on, hahahaha 😀 I couldn’t even bring myself to write a serious post on this because there is no point in trying to make sense of this draw, it is what it is and Roger will just have to do this one match at a time, while we repeat to ourselves *breathe in breathe out*. Like you said, it’s nice to have company. Monday will come before we know it, and then it’ll begin – fingers crossed for our champ! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. And may I add that the Djoker’s draw is an insult to cupcakes everywhere.


  3. Ah, as promised, my thoughts after my first read and the thoughts I had then ;);

    Part of my 1st thoughts will be in here too, cause I think it’s okay to put them on here too. But part of it might be new. I don’t know. Go and judge for yourself 😉 We are getting to know each other well so most of the time you already know how I think! 😉
    The whole concept of matches, draws, rankings is a strange one. I know I’m nervous for every draw. And at the same time, I’m not. Because I already know what Roger is going to say. And that helps me… You know that.
    For matches, it’s different. I do the point by point, set by set “mantra”, if you like, but am far from experienced in that yet… I find myself forgetting to breathe (forgetting to eat and drink even sometimes!) and having my hands folded together so tightly sometimes that it hurts… That’s how I usually watch quite a few of his matches when I’m not walking away from my TV or my laptop… The man doesn’t know the half of it; what things he puts us through… If only he could witness a bit of that…
    And on the other hand, I so often feel calm and that is because of him. It’s rubbing off on me I guess at times… I have such faith in him. And he got across the whole concept of winning and losing being part of sports to me, very well… Some losses are very very hard to take and with some others I find myself thinking about what he talked about and how he deals with it… And again, it helps…
    So I think all in all, I’m a bit erratic in it (one day it’s going well, I can take a lot, and the other day I can’t take it at all and find it hard to deal with the nerves, the worries etc). Maybe like the sometimes erratic losses we see from Rog these days 😉 I don’t know… I guess that’s sort of how it works for me…

    And as far as the Wimbledon draw is concerned… It’s so ridiculous I had to laugh when I saw it first… Ok. Rafa on grass, I’m not 100% convinced yet that he is as dangerous as people may think… I need to see that first… But still. Murray in the semis, that’s a tough one. Murray had a lot of practice on grass ánd matches under his belt, so… And well, the final, let’s not think about that yet… I’m already in the 2nd week which I, just like you, am planning not to look at if I can help it 😉 I failed miserably right now, but I’ll start again tomorrow, haha 😉

    Thanks for writing all of this up again! I would not want to miss it for a second, so please never stop writing!!


    • Apologies for the late reply to your wonderful comments Natasja! We’ve discussed at length not just the calmness of the Maestro but also how we each deal with these pressures individually. As I outlined above, I’m unfortunately made like him which is why he’s such a role model for me. If I had those qualities even in my life outside of tennis, they would help me tremendously. I do think you are a little closer to Roger in your capacity to handle tense situations compared to me at least, and you’ve been able to calm me down many a times so I personally know your calmness helps me :D. We fans are each a little different from the other but together we make one huge Federer Family. And you know, interestingly Roger was asked 2 questions about this yesterday and I’ll cut and paste them here:

      Q. In your many years traveling the globe in this sport where the locker room has Croatians and Spaniards, Japanese, so forth, can you talk about whether tennis touches people’s lives, whether it is transformative in any way?

      ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I think sports in general, if you see how many fans flock to the stadiums around the world, you know, almost on a daily basis, how much it is a life school for the athletes, and then also for people watching, you know, how they also leave the stadium, you know, watch TV, because you never know the outcome. At the same time you’re learning how to deal with, you know, maybe controversy, maybe difficult situations, disappointments. But then also success and then the pressure.

      So for me sport and tennis has given me so much, you know, in terms of an experience, life experience. That’s why I hope my kids one day can also do sports, because I think it’s a great education as well at the same time, without clearly neglecting school, which is, should be the priority. But sports as well has its place in society. I think it’s a good tool if you use it the right way, there’s no doubt about it.

      Q. Do you think the game brings fans of different cultures?

      ROGER FEDERER: I would think so. Like you mentioned in the locker room, I was just there before, and to think back, you know, talking to everyone and everybody, you interact, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from. We feel like we’re one family because we’re under the umbrella of tennis, so we feel as one.

      Tennis is obviously a global sport but also because it’s an individual sport, it can often transcend national, ethnic and religious barriers and allows us to support the player and the game regardless of origin. Anyway, I’ve digressed from the topic at hand but I wanted to paste those two Q&As here because they reminded me of our discussion.

      As for the draw itself, I wasn’t worried about Rafa’s grass prowess and I had a sneaky feeling he wouldn’t make it to the quarters (I discussed some of my thoughts in today’s post, I didn’t mention any of those thoughts in this post for fear of jinxing it!) I was worried because of the mental block Roger can get with Rafa, although I’m sure he feels he could take Rafa on at a grass tournament and must be annoyed that Rafa’s out and thus depriving him of the opportunity to get a win over the Spaniard. I too was secretly hoping that maybe meeting earlier would be easier for Roger because the grass will only be 1.5 weeks old. But Rafa is gone and so is Stan which leaves me thinking we might even get a Lleyton-Roger QF, who knows! That door is now wide open. Well all I can say is, it’s only been 1 day but this Wimbledon is already very very exciting indeed.

      Thanks again for your lovely comments!!! See you on twitter! And vamos Ferru and Delpo!


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