This blog covers all things RF. It is dedicated to my dearest friend and avid FedFan @EfieZac. May she RIP 💙

My rant….


Enough of this nonsense. Yes Roger Federer is now ranked #5. Yes that is the lowest he has been ranked this past decade. Stop trying to shove this down my throat. Or if you are going to be so pushy at least give due credit to both parts of the statement: He is #5 in the world but he has also been at the top 4 of the rankings for 10 whole years, consecutively.


I dare you to tell this man to retire to his fist face

Now think about the past 10 years of your life; see if you can pick out anything you’ve been good at that entire time. Now take it to an international level and make it not just something you’re good at but something you are great at, something that you were actually the best at for over 6 of those years. Do you have any talent or skill that compares to this? That makes you the King of the World? If so, then congratulations, you are truly one of the special people on this planet. If not, kindly eat humble pie and shut up.

Stop saying “Federer must retire”. What has qualified you to be the one to decide what he should do? Has he been taking valuable advice from you that have paved the way for his 17 Grand Slams? No? Perhaps you were the one who guided him towards his 302 weeks at #1? Nada on that too? So then why must he follow any instructions uttered by you? If he retired when you first told him to, back in 2008, he would have had only 12 Grand Slams. Clearly he has been wise to avoid your obnoxious ideas, no reason to start listening to you now.

I know there are some of you out there who will claim that as a fan you have that right to tell him what to do. You know what’s good for him because clearly he has no brain power of his own to figure it out. Without your shining beacon of totally unproven tennis knowledge, the Maestro would be a lost little lamb, right? Before that, why don’t you pause and think about the word ‘fan’. Here’s the definition:

1: an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator

2: an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit)

By demanding that he should retire you are neither an enthusiastic devotee nor an ardent admirer or enthusiast so you have no right as per the English language to call yourself one. There is an exception to this and that’s the Fair-weather Fan. If you add that disclaimer before spouting your ridiculous theories I may choose to look upon you as a fly and simply squash you with my Nike shoe rather than attempt to engage in discourse. Nonetheless I’ll throw some records at you anyway, because you’ve put me in that sort of a mood, so whether you like it or not, here they are:

My mood upon reading your garbage ideas

My mood upon reading your garbage

  • In the record for the Top 5 players with most weeks in the top 4 of the rankings, Federer is at 2nd place with 526 weeks (522 of them consecutive) behind Connors with 669 weeks. Lendl (510), Sampras (484) and McEnroe (413) round out the remaining 3 spots.
  • Everyone knows by now that Roger holds the record for most number of weeks at #1 with 302 and that 237 of those weeks were consecutive, which is also a record. However, I bet you didn’t know he holds the record for most weeks in the top 2 as well. The Swiss has been ranked in the top 2 for a total of 418 weeks, 346 of which were consecutive (a record too of course).
  • Roger has been in the top 3 for a total of 516 weeks, second to Connors with 595. Of those 516 weeks, 432 were consecutive, putting him behind Connors again with 507 weeks and Lendl with 497 consecutive weeks in the top 3.

But knowing you and your flair for drama, you have probably chosen to ignore these numbers. You feel that your gut instinct is much better at deciding Roger’s predicament than records and statistics. So what if there are hundreds of professionals who can’t and won’t ever play as well as he can? There are now not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 players who are ahead of him. So clearly in deference to them, he should never set foot on a tennis court again. But what if Roger wants to play tennis because he loves playing tennis? To which I know the reply will be “who cares what the man wants?” Indeed, just because he wants to play doesn’t mean he should be allowed to; or at least not unless he has begged you for permission.

Well, good luck with your campaign to stop the man from sullying tennis. But until you can prove that Roger knows or cares about your existence, please stop cluttering my google search results with your repetitive drivel and cease and desist with your pseudo tennis knowledge on my facebook newsfeed and twitter timeline. You are clogging up my cyberspace with your hogwash and ruining my writing mojo.

Rant over.


Those of you who read my blog regularly will know this isn’t my usual style of post. But while researching for a different post that is now stuck in ‘draft’ mode, google kept bombarding me with thousands of links on Roger’s demise. This deluge of negativity plus being slightly under the weather has brought out emotions of part anger and part disbelief at what’s being written out there, hence this semi mock outburst. However, I do feel much better after letting it out, so rest assured I will be back to my old self in the next post 😉

16 thoughts on “My rant….

  1. I can certainly understand your frustration. I did a bit of a rant on my blog when I heard John McEnroe saying that maybe Nadal is the GOAT, which is totally complete ridiculous (don’t get me started). I really don’t care that much about this slip to #5. He had so many points to defend. Next year he won’t and he can get back up there. I don’t do Google searches anymore for him – it gets too frustrating, especially when something on the negative side is going on. There will be more positive news coming again soon.


    • Thank you for reading and for your comment! Honestly I was really trying to look up some Federer stats and typed his name in google when all these articles came up. and a lot of them were exact copies of each other too! It seems as if every blog, newspaper and magazine had decided to write the same thing about him. The sheer volume of it, and the fact that none of them mentioned how amazing a DECADE of excellence actually is – well that just irritated me to no end. McEnroe seems to change his mind every day depending on which way the wind is blowing, so so annoying! I actually mute him when I am forced with a stream that has him commentating. The only way I care about #5 is the draw mess that can happen as we saw with Rafa this Wimbledon – although look how that turned out :(. Other than that I just hope he can qualify for London. And I too believe he will bounce back next year. I think the relatively less successful 2011 made 2012 possible and the same can happen in 2014. I hope he can start the turn around soon and we get to read some positive news. Looking forward to seeing him play again! one week left!


      • don’t mind john mcenroe because he’s trying hard to remain relevant. i think he is just envious on what roger federer is able to achieve in his career, all the records that roger has amassed will take years for someone to break records. and the short list of records that mcenroe had in his tennis life have been obliterated by federer. and those who are asking federer to retire, who are they to dictate what he should do with his life and career. as if they have found someone who is more passionate and has the ability to create beautiful shots and sublime plays. as if they have found a new candidate who can bring in more fans and box-office receipts like federer does. honestly, federer can retire anytime he wants because he can live comfortably in his lifetime. but it his love for tennis that keeps him going. how can these idiots deprive him of this.


      • You might be right in your analysis of JMac’s psychology! As for why these idiots wish to deprive him (and us!) from playing tennis? I have no idea why and I am confused as to how they demand it so rudely too. Whatever, I’m staying away from google for a few more days. Thanks for your comments and for visiting the blog! Drop in again sometime! 😀


  2. I have to say, I agree with your point on those calling for him to retire. It’s pointless, and uncalled for. However, I will say, as a fan, that we have a right to complain at performences. Yes, those complaints are ultimately pointless, but, I do believe that we should be able to vouce our opinions without fear of them being flamed or bashed. Those saying he should retire, are not complaining. They are simply being ridiculous. By complaining, I mean, voicing our disappointment at his performances, which have, let’s be honest, been way below the standard we expect from him. However, those complaints shouldn’t consist if ‘he’s played crap all year’, but rather, why he has played badly. What’s missing this year? Objective, logical complaints.

    Anyways, nice blog, good points, overall, a joy to read.



    • Thanks for reading! Obviously some of my rant was meant to be slightly tongue-in-cheek if you will and I agree that we are allowed to voice our disappointments in the manner you described. However, I often see complaints such as “you suck so much Roger why don’t you crawl into a hole and stay there” which really is both pointless and disrespectful. A part of my rant was due to the fact that I’m worried as well, as a concerned fan. Though I have faith he will somehow figure it out as he always does. But these inane articles demanding his retirement seem to range from insulting to utter nonsense to resorting to cheap tactics to get more clicks and views per story. It’s amazing how so many of them are just same few sentences over and over. Anyway, for now I’m happy that we will see him back on court very soon. Hope this is the start of something good. Thanks for your comments and do visit the blog again sometime!


  3. As always, you nailed it. Roger has set a standard in his era of tennis that needs no explanation. As for me, I don’t even understand the knocks on his performance. Does anyone think he has poor matches because he wants to, because he doesn’t care? Really? I admit it: I want Roger to win because it means I’ll see him play his beautiful game for one more round, and the another. I want him to win so he’ll keep playing. I really don’t care about anything else. I take heart that after an early round loss he looked at his options: disappear for 7 months or play more tennis. I’m grateful he chooses to play. Are there risks to this option? Sure but Roger has never been afraid of risks or losses. That and that damn cream colored jacket will have me cheering for him as long as he picks up a racquet.


    • Thanks for reading and for your wonderful comments. I basically agree with everything you wrote, everything. And that last line made me yell Allez Roger! in my mind 🙂 His tennis is one of a kind, there was/is none who play like him. Sure we get more inconsistency these days but when he’s on, is there anyone better or even remotely close? I take each match win as an extra precious gift because I know time is running out. But like you said, I know the more he wins, the more he’ll play and that’s what I am greedy about! Meanwhile he’s clearly trying to figure things out and try new tactics meaning he’s not giving up anytime soon, so why should we?


  4. Hi rogerfedererfan!
    Great post. Thumbs up to all of it!
    Because of this very negativity, I have stopped googling him for some time. I guess I will start once happier days are here again. What amazes me is the selectivity, as you mentioned. They select to see/report only that his QF streak has ended, he has fallen out of top 4 etc. as if these are teenie tiny things that most players on tour possess and Roger is the one who ‘lost’ them, instead of marveling at his ability to have those records in the first place. The QF streak is insane, btw. I think generally it is one of the two things- either they are hungry for some hits on their sites (all you have to do is mention RF) and want to be the first to declare ‘Roger’s demise’, or they are just jealous of his accomplishments and want to bring him down out of some sadistic pleasure, the JMac kind. Any which way, it hurts to read those things as a fan, blood boils as a human being with more than half a brain. Those who claim to be his ‘fans’ and suggest him to retire are the kind of people I wish I could throw vases on.
    I wonder how Roger stays sane amidst it all. I guess having just the peRFect sort of people around you and well, being Roger Federer helps. I for one would have gone insane. Would have probably gone to all those who come up with the R-word nonsense and whispered ‘Bovine Scatology’ very peacefully before stuffing their mouths with some BS and running away. Maybe that’s why I am not Roger Federer.


    • OMG thank you for your comments! I am giggling away! You are so right because I don’t know what I would do if I was him. I get this mad and that’s just from reading articles on the internet 😀 I agree with everything you said so peRFectly. his QF streak IS insane, as is his SF streak and his Finals streak and the fact that he holds the record for all of them, not just one category, is the most amazing of them all! But like you said, either it’s jealousy or they want some hits on their websites. Whatever it is, they are annoying, disrespectful and also lazy for just repeating what everyone else said. I am therefore staying away from google again for a few more days. Thanks for reading and for your comments! Do visit again sometime!


    • i believe federer is not reading these posts because he is a positive well-mannered person. he will not sulk himself to these unfair, demeaning, insulting, and nonsense comments. he knows himself more. he knows his goals. he knows his priorities. and he knows who genuinely appreciate his contributions to tennis and whose opinions matter most.


      • He might not be reading the actual posts, but he definitely has an idea at all times about what the press is writing. Ignorance is not bliss, its oblivion. Read his interviews and you will know he knows what they are writing about him. The fact that he knows about all this crap and goes out there to shut everyone up shows just how strong he is mentally and how confident he is about his tennis.


  5. About time someone told the naysayers to shut up about Roger retiring. Even some of his staunchest fans are jumping on the band wagon…I guess they are embarrassed that he has dropped to #5…horrors.
    He will leave the game at his own time and when He feels ready …not when the world dictates.


    • EXACTLY! They keep saying he has nothing to play for but hasn’t the man earned the right to decide that for himself? Why can’t he play because he loves tennis? or loves the competition? or maybe because he’s still one of the best tennis players in the world with the most beautiful game ever? Why can’t everyone just sit back and enjoy the maestro weave his magic? *sigh* Thanks for reading and for your comments which I agree with completely!


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