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My 100th Post! Thank you Roger Federer… and thank you Nike Tennis!


This is a much delayed post but because this happened at the same time as the US Open I thought I would hold off till the tournament was over so I could do a proper blog post for it.

Nike Tennis contacted me via twitter at the end of July asking me to get in touch with them. I initially thought it was spam or that their account was hacked. I mean why would THEY contact ME? So I actually didn’t respond. They kept trying to reach me however and assured me they were legit. I finally believed them and sent my mailing address and phone number as requested. After that, radio silence. I figured, once they realized I lived in a country that doesn’t even have a Nike store, I was automatically not included in the promotion. Either that or it got lost in the mail (which happens often where I live).

Fast forward to Day 1 of the US Open and I get a big package from Nike!!! I had expected maybe a poster or something so when I saw the package I was very excited! I practically tore it open to find a beautiful RF box with a lock and a key. Once I opened the box I saw the most amazing thing ever. Nike had sent me one of Roger Federer’s jackets from 2013 Wimbledon!!!!!!!! There was also a letter which stated they only made 10 of these limited edition jackets and I had one of the 10!!! ONE OF ONLY TEN!!! Just for being a tennis fan! I practically jumped up and down for squealed for 10 minutes straight.

The Best Gift EVER!

The Best Gift EVER!

The jacket is gorgeous and the box is amazing! The box has a dotted engraving of ‘RF’ on the top of the 2-part box lid with the roman numeral VII engraved on the bottom left corner and the Nike swoosh on the bottom right. Inside the lid, on the left panel, it has ‘Wimbledon Champion Jacket’ engraved along with the years he won Wimbledon. On the inside of the right panel, the word ‘Maestro’ has been engraved with another Nike swoosh below it. The box is lined in the same pattern as the lining of the jacket, little ‘RF’ and Swiss plus logos.

Look at the details inside the box! *swoon*

Look at the details inside the box! *swoon*

Everyone has seen photos of the jacket on Roger already; it has the ‘RF’ and Swiss plus pattern on the lining same as the inside of the box as I mentioned above. In addition to the main orange zipper it also has magnetic buttons inside the hem of the flap to help keep the zipper flap closed. Oh and there is also a dotted large ‘RF’ logo on the back of the jacket in between the shoulder blades. The jacket was neatly folded inside the box with the black paper band to hold it in place. The band has ‘FEDERER’ written on it :).

Love, love, love the (7-time) Wimbledon Champion Jacket!

Love, love, love the (7-time) Wimbledon Champion Jacket!

Days have passed since that wonderful moment and I am still in disbelief about my gift. I don’t know what I did to deserve it honestly. However I have seen two other individuals on twitter win this gift and what we all have in common is that we have blogs dedicated to Roger. Perhaps that’s what caused Nike to select me. In which case, that just makes me even happier. Not only am I eternally grateful for having something of Roger’s, especially an item so rare, but also it must mean that my blog is probably not the worst one out there ;). It is even more fitting that I write this post now because this is my 100th post! So I am dedicating this special post to Roger Federer for inspiring me and to Nike Tennis for recognizing me as a die-hard fan of Roger and for appreciating my blog 😀

Thank you to Nike Tennis for not giving up on me despite me not initially responding! Your letter is absolutely lovely and will always have a special place in my heart. Also, thank you for sending this regardless of where I live. I have never been able to see Federer live, for a multitude of constraints and that dream might never get fulfilled. But now I have something that Roger owns as well! It’s probably hanging in his closet 🙂 And only 9 other people in the world know what I feel when I look at it. That’s as unique as it gets! Thanks again for the most amazing gift EVER!

The peRFect letter from Nike Tennis! <3

The peRFect letter from Nike Tennis! ❤

Before I end I also want to say thank you to everyone who reads my posts or visits my blog. Roger Federer is my inspiration but all of you make my fan blog an interactive experience and I greatly enjoy connecting with Federer fans all over world! Thanks for sticking with me for 100 posts! Hope Roger gives me a 100 more beautiful stories to write about in the (near!) future. Allez Federer!

*Click on the photo montages to see the box and jacket in greater detail.*

**Here’s @NikeTennis on twitter in case you want to follow them. They’re AWESOME!**


13 thoughts on “My 100th Post! Thank you Roger Federer… and thank you Nike Tennis!

  1. Amazing story. All the truly beautiful has continued. Best wishes to Your blog! 18.09.2013, 10:09, “rogerfedererfan” : > rogerfedererfan posted: “This is a much delayed post but because this happened at the same time as the US Open I thought I would hold off till the tournament was over so I could do a proper blog post for it. Nike Tennis contacted me via twitter at the end of July asking me to ” > >


    • Thank you! I’m still not sure I completely believe that I have the jacket… so I keep checking for it inside the box, and then touch it and then quickly put it back because I don’t want to ever ruin it! I will be eternally grateful to Nike Tennis :D. Thanks for visiting my blog! Federer fans like you motivate me to continue writing 😀


  2. What a wonderful post! I love reading your blog and I’m so happy your positive and well written support for our great champion! You deserve this incredible recognition. I love the use of the word “maestro” – no other player inspires such a title! So happy for you!


    • Thank you so much Deborah! I honestly think that fellow Fed fans like you who visit my blog and comment on my posts were a major factor behind Nike Tennis selecting me! I am very very happy indeed. I don’t own any ‘RF’ gear (no Nike stores in my country) so to go from nothing to THIS! I was really truly squealing non-stop! My cat kept giving me strange looks :). But back to the gift, I LOVED that they used the word ‘Maestro’. I know we fans use it all the time but I hadn’t realized Nike uses it too! Of course the title is peRFect for him 🙂 It was a coincidence that this ended up being my 100th post but when I wrapped up the USO posts I realized then I had only 1 post left till the milestone and thought this would be a great way to celebrate it!

      Thanks for visiting the blog, for sharing my posts (you are particularly awesome in that regard!) and for commenting too! I hope you will keep visiting andin the meantime, fingers crossed that the Maestro gives us some fantastic moments that I can write about!


  3. How enviable! Feel so happy for you and many thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us. Want to let you know that your blog is by far the best blog on Federer that I keenly follow. Always love your positive attitude and unconditional support to our beloved king of tennis. Please keep up the good work!


    • Thank you so much! I’m still overjoyed about it even though it’s been 3 weeks since I received it. I keep checking the box every other day to see if it’s still really there! I really do believe that my blog was a deciding factor in me getting selected and the blog wouldn’t be there if readers like you didn’t visit it. So thank you for following the blog and I am thrilled that you feel it’s the best blog on our Maestro! This year has been tough and the whole world seems hellbent on being negative about him. So I feel the least I can do as a fan is have faith and be positive. For one, I see no point in torturing myself by speculating about his form and two, he’s given us so so so much joy over the past decade, surely we can hang on while he goes through a bad patch? Well, that’s how I look at it anyway. I hope he can end the year well and even if he doesn’t, hope 2014 is a fresh start. Thanks for your wonderful comments and would love it if you continue to visit the blog! 😀


  4. Congrats to you! 😀
    And don’t worry about “ruining” it — you should at least try it on!!


    • Thank you! 🙂 And I actually did try it on! While I was squealing for 10 minutes straight ;). It was such a cool feeling to then imagine that Roger had worn the same jacket too! Well not this particular jacket but you know what I mean I’m sure. Thanks for your comment and hope you will continue to visit the blog!


  5. OMG!! I have so many tennis collectibles, but none of Roger’s cuz he never comes to my city to play tennis 😦 You dunno how much envy I am oozing out now. Damn! Lucky^infinity you! 🙂

    You deserve it, would be a gross understatement! Rock on! 🙂


    • There is no tennis even played in my country really so he would never ever come here. Which makes me realize every single day how lucky I am to have received this gift! Also, like I said in the post, we don’t even have a Nike store. I know there are tons of people out there who deserve this and I’m still not fully sure why I was one of them but I’m so glad I was! Thank you so much for your comment and well wishes especially because that feeling of envy is something I can totally understand! Thanks for visiting the blog and hope you drop in again soon! 😀 Allez Roger!


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