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Looks Like We Made It! – Roger and I are both headed to London!!!

6 Comments Federer has qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals! He needed to win just one match at Bercy to do so and he defeated Kevin Anderson in straight sets to secure his place at the prestigious event in London. Roger has now qualified for the 12th consecutive year. He is tied with record holder Ivan Lendl in 12 consecutive appearances at the World Tour Finals. They both trail Andre Agassi in total appearances as Andre participated in the event in 13 non-consecutive years. Here are some of Roger’s other stats and records at the event:-

1.    Federer has won a record six ATP World Tour Finals titles (2003–04, 2006–07, 2010–11)
2.    Federer is the only player to have won the ATP World Tour Finals undefeated more than once, doing so five times (2003–04, 2006, 2010–11).
3.    Federer is the only player to win back to back ATP World Tour Finals titles at least three times in his career (2003–04, 2006–07 and 2010–11).
4.    Federer and Ilie Năstase are the only players to have won four ATP World Tour Finals titles in five years.
5.    Federer (2003–07), Lendl (1980–88), and Năstase (1971–75) are the only players to reach the final round of at least five consecutive ATP World Tour Finals, with Lendl holding the record at nine consecutive.
6.    Federer is the only player to win the ATP World Tour Finals in three different cities (twice in Houston, twice in Shanghai and twice in London).
7.    Federer (2003–07, 2010–12), Becker (1985–86, 1988–89, 1992, 1994–1996) and Lendl (1980–88) are the only players to appear in 8 or more WTF finals.
8.    Federer has the most career match wins at the event with 42, surpassing Lendl’s 39 match wins in 2012.
9.    Federer has played a record 8 different opponents in the 8 finals he has reached (Agassi, Hewitt, Nalbandian, Blake, Ferrer, Nadal, Tsonga, Djokovic).
10.    Federer has had two winning streaks of 12, the record stands at 14 straight wins by Ivan Lendl.

Here are two video links, one where he talks about qualifying just before his match with Anderson and one that the ATP did as a player profile for Roger qualifying this year. He targets this tournament every year and to see him achieve this goal when he couldn’t achieve many of his others this year is heartening to see.

I actually won’t write a long post because I am in a rush today. Because like Roger, I am packing my bags to go to London! If all goes well and I get there in one piece, it will be the first time I will get to watch him play live. Almost no one knew of my London plans because they were long and arduous and full of obstacles, financial constraints, visa issues and so on. I won’t go into the details of my stressful time that started as far back as March this year. Basically it absolutely came down to the wire for me – just like it did for Roger too. I was finally able to confirm my London plans barely 2 weeks before him. I had made peace with the thought that I might not get to see him after all. But then yesterday night happened and I squealed with selfish happiness because I finally get my chance!

I leave for London in less than 24 hours and I have made it a proper holiday trip where I will get to explore the city as well. What this means for tennis however is that I will miss the rest of Bercy and all of the World Tour Final matches except the two days I will be there in attendance. But I can’t go to London after saving up all year just to sit in front of the TV right? By the time I return I might only catch the final on Monday, November 11th, and if I do I will write a post on that. For all other matches in the meantime however, my blog will remain silent. Obviously I will do a separate post on seeing him play for the first time once I am back home 😀

So till then, this is me signing off temporarily! Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong from now till Roger and I are in the same arena. Wishing the Maestro the best of luck for Bercy and for London! I will (hopefully) see you soon Roger! And to you all, keep cheering for him, he’ll have a great finish to the year, I know it! Remember to click the link and vote for him as the ATP FANS’ FAVORITE 2013! Today is the LAST day so get to it! He’s done his job and reached London, let’s do our job and make sure he can collect that trophy there for the 11th time! Allez!


6 thoughts on “Looks Like We Made It! – Roger and I are both headed to London!!!

  1. Feel really happy for you! Have a very enjoyable trip and hope you will witness him winning in person. Look forward to you next post.


    • Thank you so much! I ma so excited! But still not quite believing it yet. I don’t think I will believe it till I finally see him in front of me. Thank you for your wishes. I will most definitely write a post on finally getting to see him once I am back 😀


  2. So happy for you! There is nothing like Roger in person. Enjoy! I’ve been to London twice and it is amazing so enjoy the non-tennis too! We’ll miss you but hearing about your time there will be great!


    • Thank you so much Deborah! I am dead tired right now from packing and it probably won’t hit me till I land. But then when I do see him, I know I will have an out of body experience for sure. I am excited about London, the city too 🙂 I will miss out on all the tennis like the FedPotro QF tomorrow, but I’ve had TV tennis my whole life, I think I can give it up in return for live Fed! Will definitely write about it when I get back! Thanks again! 🙂


  3. Yay! So happy for you! I had planned to see Roger in Montreal since January, went to the tourney and, of course, he didn’t play there. Hoping to go to Indian Wells in March, if I can afford it. Meanwhile, you go to London and have a fantabulous time. Keep your eyes on Roger. Don’t blink. Savour every single second of the experience and enjoy the city too!



    • Thanks for your comments Brenda! I hope you get to see him in Indian Wells! II can’t believe how close I came to not seeing him but now it almost feels like destiny. Cannot wait! And I’m excited about London too of course. 🙂 Will write about it when I get back! It’s lovely to know how people are happy for me. FedFamily is the best! Thanks again! *_*


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