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Federer reaches his first SF of 2014

4 Comments Federer is through to the SFs in Brisbane! He defeated Australian player Marinko Matosevic, 6-1, 6-1 in 57 minutes. Roger was absolutely clinical on court and Matosevic was anything but. It took a little time for Roger to figure out Matosevic as he’d never played him before but he sized him up quickly enough. Meanwhile, Matosevic not only remained clueless on how to fix this Federer problem, he seemed exhausted, negative and didn’t look like he wanted to be there despite the screaming Aussies in the crowd.

With only 57 minutes of play there isn’t really much to report. Roger started off the match serving first and immediately faced 3 break points but saved them all and held. From then on it was a one-way train. In Matosevic’s first service game he too faced break points but unlike Federer he couldn’t save the third one and was down 0-2*. Roger’s next service game included one service winner and 2 aces to help the Swiss go up 3-0* in the blink of an eye. Matosevic’s next game was replete with errors peppered with a few beautiful shots from Roger resulting in a double break for the Swiss. Roger served the next game to 15 taking it with his 5th ace to go up 5-0*. Matosevic finally had a good service game and got on the board with his only ace of the set. Federer then served it out with 2 aces to take the set in 27 minutes. Here are the stats for set 1.s1qfRoger served very well with 7 aces and 68% of first serves in. He returned very well too, particularly off Matosevic’s second serve points and he committed only 4 unforced errors.

Onto the 2nd set and Matosevic held his first service game. I had thought he would give Roger a tougher fight in the second set so I expected as much. What I hadn’t expected was Roger winning the next 6 games in a row.  Serving to go up to 1 all, Federer produced one of his magical fake dropshots-turned-forehand-winner to take the score to 40-15 and leave Matosevic scratching his head. In Matosevic’s next service game Federer had a break point which he missed. Roger kept pushing however and after 2 more deuces he got his second break point opportunity. Matosevic gave him the break with a backhand error and the Maestro was up 2*-1.

Roger was tested in his next service game but held without facing a break point. In the Aussie’s next service game he got the first point but then a combination of his own errors and Roger’s forehand gave the Swiss a double break. Federer then held to love with 2 forehand winners and an ace and Matosevic was left to serve to stay in the match at 1*-5 down. He only managed one more point before Roger broke him to win the set in 30 minutes. Here are the stats for set 2.s2qfRoger’s level actually fell a bit in the second set, especially his first serves but in comparison to Matosevic’s desperate game one could hardly notice that dip. Roger was barely tested which bodes well for his energy level for tomorrow. He will face Frenchman Jeremy Chardy in the SFs, yet another player he has never faced before. Chardy plays well in Australia, like at the Australian Open last year when he reached the QFs. He has a pretty big serve and likes the fast courts so he will be a tough opponent. Roger will also play the doubles SF tomorrow after his singles match. The singles SF will be at 3pm local time and the doubles will follow after that. Here are the highlights of today’s QF match. The Federer twins and Mirka were there court-side today, I wonder if they will be there tomorrow as well 🙂

I am very happy he has reached the SFs of the first tourney of the year. It’s always tough to come out strong after the off-season and he had to get used to his new racquet as well. So overall I am very pleased with the progress thus far.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with 3 video clips from the fantastic Brisbane International youtube account. You should see these because they are amazing: 1. The freak Federer smash that should get at least a million views 😀 2. The full Federer-Mahut vs. Chardy-Dimitrov doubles match that was pure entertainment. 3. The great clip of “Roger Federer and Rod Laver on how to play one another” – such a fantastic conversation between the two greats of tennis! Also make sure to follow @BrisbaneTennis on twitter, one of the best tournament twitter accounts around that’s for sure!

That’s it from me. Wishing the Maestro all the best for tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Federer reaches his first SF of 2014

  1. Hi Ish, thanks for writting this article so quickly 🙂 Great match and great score for Roger and I am so proud of him, but at the same time I felt sorry for Matosevic getting so exhausted so early! Do you think the match was too fast?! I think it was at some points and also being a home-favorite put more pressure on him.
    Anyways, the most important thing is that Roger is playing so good. I hope he wins both singles and doubles tomorrow and finally wins the two titles. ALLEZ ROGER


    • Hi Sara! Thanks for reading and commenting! I think everything that could go wrong for Matosevic, did go wrong. and it didn’t help that Roger was in sublime form. Roger played a very clean match but then he really wasn’t tested that much to be honest. In fact, his R2 match vs. Nieminen was a much bigger test. The upside to today for Roger was that he didn’t spend too much energy on court so he should be fresh for the SFs which will be a much trickier match, Chardy is playing well in this tournament. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow. If he also wins the doubles that would be lovely for him because I think he’s really enjoying himself in the doubles with Mahut 😀 We shall see! Allez Maestro!


  2. Always enjoy reading your posts, please continue to write more. Have a wonderful 2014!


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