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A Week In The Life of Roger Federer


It’s been a week since Brisbane. Roger Federer is now in Melbourne. You’d think we’d have to wait till his first round match to catch a glimpse of the man but no, he has been BUSY! Let me give you a rundown of his schedule in “A Week In The Life of Roger Federer”.

January 6th: Travel from Brisbane to Melbourne, get a quick hit in and pick up accreditation, while redefining the term ‘Swag’ – I mean look at him strut!

January 7th: Practice in the scorching sun and make it so graceful that the Australian Open people are inspired to make this clip and this too. Meanwhile, here is a collage of photos we saw from different practice sessions throughout the week.RFFpracticeAOJanuary 8th: Make sure everything is on track as preparation goes underway for ‘RF and Friends” night. It was an event held to raise funds for the Roger Federer Foundation. Here is a look behind the scenes.

At promptly 8pm local time, the event got underway. The highlights included Roger and Rod Laver warming up together, Rod Laver dressed in traditional tennis whites too! Then there was the match itself with Tsonga which was filled with fun moments from Roger, a few from Jo who took it quite seriously unfortunately. Roger ultimately won in 3 sets.

There was a wonderful Q&A with the audience and then a surprise video message from his mother (recorded by his dad!). Another great moment was when the ballkids presented their check for donations they had collected and it was presented by none other than the ball boy who had caught that wonderful catch in 2012! I should also mention that Lleyton Hewitt filled in as co-MC and a commentator and he did a fabulous job. A natural step for a future career for sure.  The event lasted over 3 hours and according to the fans that were there, he stayed on court for over an hour afterwards signing autographs. Over 1 million dollars was raised through the event and you can continue to donate via this link. Here is the link to the full event.RFFNightJanuary 9th: Get a practice hit in with Lleyton, (these two are attached at the hip these days!) Next, do the sponsor events.

  • Get suited up for Moët & Chandon. Play tennis with a golden ball. Umpire a match with a glass of Moët in hand. Also give two amazing interviews in the process. Here’s the first one, which is quite lighthearted and here’s the second which is relatively a bit more serious but equally enjoyable.
  • Get out of the suit and into the latest Nike kit for a Nike event with kids.

January 10th: Get a practice hit in and smile like a 19 year old playing his first Grand Slam.

January 11th: Get a practice hit in. Then join Rafa, Lleyton, Pat, Vika, Sam and Genie for the Australia Open Kids Day festivities. This includes

  • Playing doubles while holding hands with Vika, (here’s a clip).
  • Playing with a really over-sized racquet.
  • Laughing it up with Sponge Bob and Patrick.
  • Here’s a tiny summary clip. The Federer twins were courtside too and Cruz Hewitt seems fearless like his father and had no problems facing off against Rafa.

End the day with a sassy press conference. Here’s the full transcript.RFFAOKidsDayJanuary 12th: Get a practice hit in with Benoit Paire and make him laugh and smile enough to forget his BFF Stan (well at least for those few hours).

In the meantime, the draw was released. He plays Aussie player James Duckworth in Round 1, someone he’s never faced before. You can check out the draw here and analyze it for yourself. For me, I’m focused on Round 1 and that’s it. The OOP (Order Of Play) is out as well. Roger’s match will be the 2nd match on Rod Laver Arena on Tuesday, January 14th, around approximately 12:30pm local time.

Well that’s the quick recap of the week! Wishing Maestro the best of luck! Allez!

**Click on the photos to see them in their actual sizes**

2 thoughts on “A Week In The Life of Roger Federer

  1. Great post! Awaiting your review of Roger’s win today 🙂


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