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If Roger wasn’t a tennis god…


The Monte Carlo Rolex Masters are now done and Roger Federer is enjoying some much needed break. I really wanted him to win it and I was quite sad when he didn’t. I’m not a Stan fan either so really, there was no happy footnote for me as far as that final match was concerned. That is not to say that I am not ecstatic with Roger’s progress thus far; he’s been simply amazing in his consistency, unlike any of the top 10. But as for a post, my blog is meant to give me joy and writing about that last match won’t give me any joy so I have decided not to revisit it.

In the meantime, the current Federer hiatus has put me in a strange mood so this post might end up being a bit silly. For instance, I was wondering, if Roger wasn’t a tennis god, what other profession could he have excelled at? That led to all sorts of crazy ideas in my head which ultimately culminated in this post. Just a note, I excluded all options related to sports, so please don’t jump at me for not including ‘being football player’ or anything tennis related, i.e. coach, tournament director, ATP CEO, etc. Those are too obvious and I wanted to keep this somewhat outside the box.

Federer the model: Federer working at a day-care:
Well duh! He’s half way there anyway, modelling for his 10 sponsors but Federer has grace and elegance both on and off the court. He has a model walk and instinctively knows his best angles and poses. Can’t you just see him strutting up and down the ramps of big fashion houses? Have you SEEN how adorable he is with children?! There are a zillion photos of him having the best time with them. He would be reliable, responsible and have an endless supply of dad jokes to keep both you and your child entertained!
Federer the ambassador: Federer the event planner:
He is a natural leader who carries clout but is also armed with diplomacy skills. As the President of the ATP Players Council, not only does he get things done, but he does so with class and smarts and is particularly adept at handling the media. The ‘Hit for Haiti’ events, the ‘Rally for Relief’ and the more recent ‘RF & Friends’ at the happy Slam all bear testimony to him being a great event planner. Even his exhibition tours are planned perfectly like the ‘Match for Africa’ or the ‘South American Tour’.
Federer working at an aid organization: Federer working with animals:
To be fair, he is already helping the world via the Roger Federer Foundation. But his enthusiasm is so infectious that I think he could have ended up working in such an organization regardless. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure he’s very comfortable with animals but he looks so cute with them that I included it 😛 Now is he more adorable with the kangaroo or the koala? I included pictures of both animals with Roger in the collage below so take your pick!
Federer the linguist/translator: Federer as a photographer:
This is an easy one to imagine. His flair for languages makes him a natural to either be an expert at languages or maybe get one of those UN translator jobs instead. The man has a great eye for photos! Whether he takes selfies or scenic shots, I think he would like dabbling in this profession. He also seems interested and enthusiastic during his own photo shoots so I can totally see him enjoying the process.
Federer working at any random office: Federer the professor:
I present you this video and a picture of Roger eating at the office cafeteria in the collage below. Now picture the same scene but at YOUR work cafeteria. Are you still alive? No? Hmm didn’t think you would be. *shaking head solemnly*
Have you ever heard him talking about tennis? He can articulate very clearly and you can tell he really knows his subject. Some say he goes on and on but I always feel I learn more about the sport through his views and interviews. Now imagine walking into class and seeing him as your professor …. *thud*
Federer on TV: Federer the life-coach:
He’s super comfortable in front of the camera and has probably done the most interviews out of any tennis player ever. Plus he genuinely seems to enjoy them. One caveat however, he is much better at live-TV than scripted material. With scripted advertisements, he has his dorky moments while trying to act (which makes it cuter of course!) and even has trouble getting the lines right in the first place. I submit this video as evidence! XD But co-hosting a live talk-show with Jim Courier? I think that’s TV gold just waiting to happen!
This is my personal observation but I have never seen anyone lead a more balanced life than Roger. His schedule every year is impeccable, giving him time off in between intense blocks of tennis, while still making time for numerous off-court and sponsor events. And in spite of his circus-like life, he got married and had children and now about to have another one. I am utterly jealous of the way he lives his life and his philosophy on life as well. He mixes positivity and enthusiasm with pragmatism and hard work. All fangirling aside, I think he would be a great life-coach (preferably mine!) 😀


  • Row 1 (L – R): Modelling for Vogue; RF Foundation; w/ a koala!;  Hit for Haiti at Indian Wells
  • Row 2 (L – R): Laughing it up with Courier; RF the photographer; selfie by RF; RF + Lindt + kids = cuteness!
  • Row 3 (L – R): w/ a kangaroo!; at the Credit Suisse cafeteria; RF & Friends Night; “Professor RF” 🙂

Well those are the options I came up with. Can you think of any more that I might have missed? As you ponder this question, let’s just count ourselves lucky that despite being so multi-talented, he chose tennis! May he reign over the sport forever and always!


***Note: I don’t own any of the photos I used in the collage. I’ve had some of them in my collection for a long time and unfortunately I don’t remember all the sources, apologies 😦 ***


6 thoughts on “If Roger wasn’t a tennis god…

  1. All brilliant suggestions! I like the diplomat one in particular (though I may be a bit biased as I studied International Relations in college). 🙂


    • Hi! Thanks for commenting! I studied International Relations too! So I knew the diplomat one had to be in there, the translator bit too 🙂 Glad you liked the post! It’s not my usual style but I was missing him and this is how it came out on the page 🙂 Thanks for reading! Do visit the blog again sometime!


  2. Such an imaginative post! I agree the diplomat is perfect. Look how he has brought all of us together, so many ages races and nationalities from all over the world.! Of course, if I’m honest, its Roger the model that knocks my socks off! Great job!


    • Thank you Deborah! I was in the mood for something different so I had some fun writing this one 🙂 That’s a great point you made about Roger being a diplomat, he really unifies us now matter who we are or where we’re from. Roger the model was my first thought so hence I started there 😉 heheheheh. Can’t wait to see him again on tour!


  3. Very nicely compiled1 I see Federer as a certain kind of statesman, who would be good at uniting people, bringing them together to reach some kind of beneficial accord. (although that might be too much to ask even of him.) I see him doing a big job: head of some worldwide organization for the relief of poverty and childhood support: head of a collation for dealing with environmental solutions: taking an overview and better aligning the justice systems in many countries: addressing the vast inequalities that are endemic in the world. (As an athlete, a soccer striker, track and field athlete, or say, a great champion in the ‘weapons department, epee, and so on.) Overall, a combination of organizing skills, an overview of situations, a sense of right and wrong, would make him suitable for any number of endeavours to improve humanities lot. (Although the diplomat idea is likeable, the actual fact is that diplomats usually can’t accomplish much.) I enjoyed this “take” on Roger’s possibilities. I must add that he could be the one to give tennis an even greater boost, both for his own country, and worldwide!


    • Thank you for your wonderful comments and own insights as well! They were fun to read and I agree with you. He has the leadership qualities to take tennis to an even greater level on the world stage. I purposely didn’t include any sports options because those are usually what we would all think of, so I thought I would be a bit out of the box 😉 Thanks a lot for reading this post and visiting the blog. Hope you do so again sometime! Only a couple of days left till we see him on court again! 🙂


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