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Federer sets new record reaching his 42nd Grand Slam Quarterfinal


2Roger+Federer+Wimbledon+Day+8+zEbnYHtkKl9xWe’re hours away from Roger Federer’s next match so this will have to be super short – thanks Wimbledon schedulers, for ruining my mojo. But back to the topic at hand: Roger is through to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon! He got there in 94 minutes in straight sets. It was especially good because he took out Tommy Robredo along the way, brushing aside any haunting memories of their previous match at the US Open last year.

Federer started the first set with a love hold and almost had a love break before Robredo saved 3 break points to get to deuce. But then the Spaniard provided Roger another opportunity and this time the Maestro was able to take it. Another love hold and the score was 3-0*. Robredo finally got on the board in the next game but it was to be the only game he would win in he set. Roger won his next game to go up 4-1* and then had a break point on Robredo’s next game. Tommy saved it but then provided another one and the Swiss capitalized by getting the double-break. He served out the set to 15 in just 21 minutes. Here are the stats. s1The second set started with Roger breaking Tommy to love. He consolidated with a love hold of his own. He followed that up with 4 more love holds; basically every game he played in this set was a love hold. Tommy couldn’t make a dent on Federer’s service games but he did play better tennis in his own games saving multiple break points. He held for the rest of the set to keep the difference to just that one break he incurred at the start. But one break was all the Maestro needed. Roger took the set 6-4 in 32 minutes. Here are the stats for the set. s2With Robredo raising his level slightly in set 2 I had a feeling set 3 would be tight and it was. Tommy saved a break point to hold and get on the board right away. Roger’s service game started to get a bit wobbly as he was pushed to deuce twice before he could hold to get to 1-all. Robredo held quite easily to go up 2-1* and then he pushed Roger to 40-30 before the Swiss was able to get to 2-all. Two tough service holds for our Maestro and meanwhile Robredo was looking much more relaxed. I thought this might be a mini-momentum shift but I think Roger said “Enough of this nonsense!” Serving to go up to 3-all, he held to love and I knew he was back. In Tommy’s next game he offered Roger 2 break points but saved both to get to deuce. Then another opportunity came and this time the Maestro took it. All of a sudden in the blink of an eye Roger was up 4*-3. He held to love again to consolidate the break and it was up to Robredo to serve to stay in the match. Tommy did just that ensuring the Maestro would have to serve for the match himself.

It all seemed to be going according to plan, Roger was up 30-0, 2 more points and we would be done. But Tommy kept pushing him and he committed 3 errors in a row to give Robredo a break point. A great forehand volley from the Swiss got it to deuce and then he had a match point only to miss converting it. He missed the next one too. Finally he had a 3rd match point and this time he took it and it was game, set, match Federer. Here are the match stats.mOur champ was in imperious form from the very beginning. In set 1 I don’t think Robredo knew where he was or how he got there. It was 21 minutes of blur for him. He had to get used to the pace of Roger’s shots on the grass courts as well as the pace of the match itself: games were over before he could breathe. Once Tommy started to get a better feeling for Roger’s game-plan he started to play better and this showed in set 3 the most. But it was too little too late. Roger on the other hand played a near-flawless match. He showed great variety in his shot selections, both from the baseline and at the net, some of his volleys in particular made the Court 1 crowd ‘oooooh!’ with delight. He had only two shaky service games in the match in the beginning of the third set and then had a little trouble serving it out but that’s understandable. It’s been two years since he reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon, cut him some slack for getting a bit nervous trying to get there.

Up next is Stan Wawrinka and I am so nervous that I am nauseous already. Stan has had a very good Wimbledon thus far and his serve has been working wonderfully. I also get the sense that Roger doesn’t mind losing to his fellow Swiss as much as he would losing to any other player. He gets so happy for Stan winning that I think the loss doesn’t affect him as badly as some of the others might. Of course this is all conjecture on my part but it’s my blog so I can say what I want! 😉 At the end of the day, as long as Roger wins, I have no problems on how he feels about it 😀

The quarterfinal match is scheduled to be the last match at Centre Court this evening. Meanwhile, here’s a link to an interview transcript after his win, courtesy of  ubitennis. Here is a tiny highlights clip, a clip of the presser video and his post-match interview clip. But my post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some records of our Maestro so here we go!

  • Roger has now reached 42 Grand Slam quarterfinals which is a new record. He has surpassed Connors’ record of 41.
  • Roger has now won 71 matches at Wimbledon, tying Boris Becker in second place. They are both behind Connors with 84 match wins.
  • This was Roger’s 272nd Grand Slam match win out of 315 Grand Slam matches played. Roger has held this record of Grand Slam match wins for a while now so he just keeps extending it with each win.
  • Roger has now won 961 career matches out of 1,183 career matches played.

That’s it from me! Looking forward to watching the match in a few hours, while rocking back and forth, trying to calm myself down. Although I imagine I won’t look quite as adorable as this picture the Maestro tweeted of himself watching the Switzerland-Argentina World Cup match! 😉2Breezl8IQAIksG4.jpg large


***Photos from and Roger’s twitter account and stats from***


2 thoughts on “Federer sets new record reaching his 42nd Grand Slam Quarterfinal

  1. Here I am again! XD Thanks a bunch again for this! ❤ Throughout the whole match, I don't know if I should lie down or sit because of his form again! *____* Also feeling nervous for later's QF with Stan but I just keep on reminding myself that this is Wimbledon. 😀 He made our night with those hilarious tweets! XD The 'Hihi' killed me! I hope we won't have to post photos of us wrapping in blankies while we watch his match later! :3 We're a few more steps to the finish line! #believeinRF ❤ And this man really makes new records every time he steps on the court. :O That's our Rogi! 😀


    • Thank you so much for commenting! His tweets were hilarious indeed! I felt like I HAD to include that photo of him with the Minnie Mouse blanket on my post. It was just too adorable. As for his records, he keeps setting new ones or tying old ones with every single match. Unbelievable champion that he is 🙂 Thanks again for reading! Allez Roger!


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