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Roger Federer reaches his 10th final of the year!

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2014-10-25t171356z_66217599_lr1eaap1buxy2_rtrmadp_3_tennis-men-swissI don’t have much time to sum up the Basel SF. Instead I have decided to follow the same pattern the match was played in i.e. bullet points. Ivo Karlovic hit 33 aces in the match so I shall try to do the summary in bullet points below.

1. Roger Federer won the SFs in 3 sets

2. Roger won the first set in a tense tie-break at 10-8.

3. He lost focus for one service game in the 2nd set and that was enough for Ivo to punish him and take the set 6-3

4. Set 3 started tensely with neither player giving an inch until suddenly Ivo lost focus and was down break points.

5. But Ivo was down break points in set 1 too and then that serve of his bailed him out so I thought the same would happen this time except…

6. … he double-faulted and gifted the break to Roger. I will take it!

7. I think the break surprised Roger too, but he remained calm and held to consolidate.

8. There were no more breaks of serve after that which means…

9. … Roger took set 3 and the match!

10. Game, set, match, Federer, 7-6, 3-6, 6-3 in 1 hour and 42 minutes.

11. Roger had difficulty finding his first serves in the beginning but they joined the party at the end.

12. Roger hit 7 aces and 3 double faults. Ivo hit 33 aces and 2 double faults.

13. Roger hit 40 winners and Ivo hit 50. But if you take out the aces then Roger hit 33 winners to Ivo’s 17.

14. Roger committed only 13 unforced errors to Ivo’s 29. I know you’re surprised by the 29 because you are wondering when any rallies happened to even yield those errors. I am as surprised as you. I don’t remember the rallies.

15. I was reminded again of why I hate Ivo’s matches. I have 3 reasons.

16. First reason, Roger cannot prepare for it. No one is like Ivo, how would he practice against that?

17. Second reason, the match itself is boring. Ace, ace, service winner, ace. Now I am a Federer fan and therefore have had my share of all-ace games but my champ has more to his game than just serves. Not so with Ivo. Ergo, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

18. Third reason, a match with Ivo doesn’t help in preparing Roger for the next match either. These matches have no rhythm and no rallies. So they probably throw Roger off his momentum a bit too.

19. Enough about Ivo, back to Roger. With this win he reached his 11th Basel final.

20. With this win Roger reached his 10th final of 2014 out of 15 tournaments played.

21. Roger will face fellow Federer fan David Goffin in the final.

22. Goffin has been riding an absolute high of continuous wins for months now. True, most have been in challengers but he’s gotten used to winning almost to the point of having forgotten how to lose. In other words, you have a right to be wary.

23. The match is in 30 minutes so essentially I wrote this post just to remind myself of how Roger got to the final because I doubt anyone else will read it this late!



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