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Down to the very last minute…..


It came down to the VERY LAST MINUTE. I have been very stressed lately about many things in my life but at the top of my list was the fact that I had planned for attending the World Tour Finals this year since I came back from London last year. Except that I hadn’t gotten my UK visa. I waited and waited and waited and waited until I finally got it YESTERDAY, meaning 3 days before I was supposed to fly. Today, with 2 days to go, I have my plane tickets in hand which means, unless something else goes wrong (please no!!!) I will actually be on my way to London 48 hours from now!

Not all FedFans are created equal and I am from a country where waiting to get a visa to the Western world is like waiting for Roger to convert breakpoints. And more often than not, in the case of visas, the conversion rate is 0%. So I know how lucky I am to have finally gotten it knowing today was D-Day and I would have cancelled everything today. I am beyond stressed trying to pack and get ready for this ‘sudden’ trip. I have tickets for the first 6 days of the World Tour Finals and might end up getting tickets to the SFs and Final although at this point, I need to get ready to fly first, while finishing up last minute duties at work.

This post probably doesn’t make much sense because I am running around like a headless chicken. But in the midst of other not-so-good things in my life, the fact that this came through means I will at least be able to enjoy tennis again. It was getting really painful watching the past few tournaments knowing what I was about to miss despite my meticulous planning (and ridiculous saving) for a full year. I hope now it’s a bit clearer as to why I didn’t feel like writing about tennis the past few weeks.

For those that don’t need to worry about those pesky things called ‘visas’ let me tell you how frustrating they are. Even though I did everything properly, once I submitted my application it was always going to come down to luck. At that point it’s out of our hands and all we can do is wait. Last year, I got my visa in 7 days but Roger made me wait till days 3 days before I was going to fly to ensure that he would have a spot in London. This year Roger booked his place way in advance, but I had to wait 57 days from the time I completed my visa application till 3 days before my flight (again!) for my visa to come through. So in case you are wondering why I didn’t share my London news before now, it’s because it wasn’t confirmed until TODAY. *sigh*

I hope from now till London I get no more surprises or last minute changes because I don’t think I will be able to handle it. A very big thank you to Efie and Natasja who know what I went through. They virtually held my hand and motivated me throughout the process and especially the last 2 weeks when I kept breaking down in frustration. Neither of them stopped hoping and I think that helped because I had practically no hope left of my own. I hope I get to see you both and give you real hugs for once!

That’s it from me. Keep cheering for Roger! Doesn’t matter if we don’t get the #1 ranking, be amazed at the fact that we were THAT close to it given what happened last year. I hope he wins the Fan Favorite this time too, his brilliant 2014 deserves some love. Allez Maestro!


16 thoughts on “Down to the very last minute…..

  1. I’m sooo happy for you! It’s completely understandable why writing about tennis bothered you for the last couple of tournaments. I’m from a country where you need to apply for a visa but since I’m studying here in London, I didn’t need to apply to come and see Roger. Already bought my tickets to see him on Sunday so that’s exciting! Anyway, I’m glad things are sorted out now. Pack and hard and fast and I’ll be praying nothing goes wrong. Have a lovely trip and a lovely stay here in London! 😃😄


    • Thank you!!! I still don’t believe it to be honest. I don’t think I will until I am standing inside the O2 Arena waiting for him to come out! as for visa hassles, I didn’t even describe 9/10ths of the nonsense I went through because I know unless you are from one of those countries, you really don’t know how stressful that can be.

      Happy for you that you will get to see him on Sunday! Is this your first time seeing him? Maybe you can get tickets to his other matches too at the last minute since you live right there 🙂 But even once is better than none.


      • Yeah, I totally understand visa issues. When my sister was applying for a Canadian visa, everything went wrong and the embassy lost her passport. Can you believe that? She had to get a whole new passport and the embassy rushed the visa as a way of apologising but that was seriously crazy. Anyway, happy you got yours. I saw Roger in London last year at the match against Djokovic…it was such an amazing atmosphere and I was delirious with happiness. My seats weren’t the best though so I splurged this year and got better seats. Really excited for that! Sadly, I probably won’t be able to see any of his other matches as I’m on a student budget and I already went over budget for the Sunday tickets. Anyhow, thrilled to hopefully see him on Sunday! Good luck again and best wishes!😄😄


      • Oh wow, that lost passport story sounds horrible! And yet I can totally imagine it too. 😦 I was at the same Roger match last year vs. Novak! I was so excited I barely even noticed that he lost that match. I didn’t even care. Good that you got better seats this time, even though it’s more expensive. Might as well see him properly once than from far far away. Hopefully we will bring him luck on Sunday! 🙂


  2. Dear RF Fan
    Congrats on managing to get the Visa to London!
    I have something Fed-related I wanted to ask you and I wondered if it wd be possible to DM you on Twitter. If you follow me – will_skidelsky – then I can do this….


  3. So happy things finally turned the right way for you !! 😀 You derserve it so much for all the great work you are doing on your blog to share your passion for Roger with us ! 🙂
    Now I think I just have to wish you to enjoy and make the most of your stay in London !!!!! 😉


    • Thank you! I am so excited and yet so scared things might still go wrong somehow. I don’t think I will quite believe I’m there until I see him live in front of me 🙂 And once I do that, I’m sure I’ll forget my troubles. Thanks for being such a frequent visitor of my blog. You’ve liked so many of my posts! I really do appreciate it! You provide a lot of encouragement for me, I hope you know that!


      • I understand you !! That’s the same for me any time I’ve the opportunity to go to a tournament, I’m so worry that a last minute wrong thing happens !! But don’t worry, I’m sure everything will go well for you 🙂
        I’m happy if I can provide you some encouragement 🙂 I’m a big fan of Roger, and it’s always a pleasure to read and like your posts ! 😉


      • Well, again, thanks for visiting the blog 🙂 I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well. Hopefully I can get over the jet lag in one day and be fresh for Roger on Sunday. 🙂 Thanks for the wishes!

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  4. Hahaha!!!!! Now I KNOW you must be from South Africa!!!! I sure do envy you and please enjoy every minute!! Really enjoy your posts here on my little phone on my gmail!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


    • Haha I’m not from South Africa but I am guessing South Africans also have visa issues? 🙂 I’m from Bangladesh actually so visa issues are a way of life for us. But I hope when I see Roger in a few days time it will all be worth it 🙂 Thanks for reading my posts and visiting my blog! Lovely to connect with like-minded fans 🙂


  5. Wow that’s fantastic news! Well done on getting the visa. I have also got tickets for the WTF – Sunday night (I’ll see Roger!) and Monday afternoon. Finances wouldn’t stretch any further. I live in England so it’s just a case of jumping on a train on Sunday. Hope all goes well with your preparations! 🙂


    • Thank you! It’s still all a bit overwhelming to be honest. I need to get to London first before I believe any of it 🙂 Good thing you have tickets for Roger! Fingers crossed for a good match! Thanks for reading my post 🙂


  6. I’m sure you’ll love it. I saw Roger yesterday and the whole day was amazing 🙂


    • I just realized I hadn’t replied to your comment. Apologies for the delay! and I DID love my London trip 🙂 I wrote about it today actually – well at least part 1. Thanks again for your comment and for reading my post!


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