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Federer reaches his 3rd final of the year! (and it’s only March!)


2Roger+Federer+BNP+Paribas+Open+Day+13+HLxnbg9wsUkxWe’re in the final! We’re in the final! We’re in the final! Roger Federer has reached the final at Indian Wells! And since the final is merely hours away and I had a horrible, sleep-deprived day at work where I snapped at everyone in sight, I shall keep this short.

Roger defeated Milos Raonic in 2 tight sets, 7-5, 6-4. For most of the match Milos played at a very high level with those booming serves neutralizing any pressure Roger put on him. But just when it seemed like each set would head to a tie-break, Roger pounced, Milos flinched and poof! A break appeared. In the midst of it all, Milos got only one breakpoint opportunity which he failed to convert. Roger’s stats were stellar overall. 67% first serves in and he won 79% of those. He approached the net 19 times winning 12 of them and he had a positive winners-to-unforced errors ratio of 15 to 11. His backhand was particularly lethal and he actually hit more backhand than forehand winners. Here’s an example of two back-to-back backhand winners that will make your jaw drop 😀 Here is the link to the pre-match interview, on-court interview and also the on-court interview with the crowd listening. Here is the link to the full presser transcript, link to the full presser video and lastly here are the match stats.mmWith the SFs out of the way, Roger reached the final of Indian Wells for the second year in a row and the 6th time in his career. And just like last year, his opponent will be Novak Djokovic, the defending champion here. Novak won last year in three tight sets and this time the contest will probably go the distance as well. The last time these two met was only weeks ago in the Dubai final which Roger won. But the conditions in Dubai are a lot quicker than at Indian Wells and these heavier conditions clearly favor Novak more than the Swiss. This is what Roger had to say when asked about the upcoming final, about Novak and Rafa and the unique rivalries he has with them.

CAp0Ep3UQAAvyyF“It will never be the same. Not better or worse. It just will be different just because the match-up is so unique for me with Rafa; whereas Novak’s is totally straightforward. With Rafa I feel like I need to change everything when I play him. I have played so many matches against Rafa on clay, as well, that it feels different; whereas Novak has been a much more of a hard court rivalry. It was always overshadowed by the rivalry I had with Rafa in previous years because I always played against Novak mostly in the semis for years. For some reason for me it’s more foggy, the whole semifinals we played before during the Rafa rivalry.

After losing so close last year I was quite disappointed, (I) couldn’t wait until we got the chance again to play here. So I think it’s very exciting for both of us, and also for fans, to see a rematch of the great final from last year. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope I can keep up my good play.”

He continued,

“I think we are both happy playing each other.  We are both playing very well, so this is a time to face off for both of us, in my opinion. I know I need an extra special performance tomorrow because Novak’s going to push you there to come up with a lot of great shots in a row, which is not always easy to do. So I will see how it goes.”

Clearly Roger is excited for the final. I am excited too. However, while his excitement is all about how he can’t wait to play in the final, mine is more along the lines of gently rocking back and forth while breathing into a paper bag. Minor differences as you can see 😉 The final will not be held before 1:00pm local time. So for the next few hours remaining I suggest you do something to relax. The frazzling will begin in no time! C’mon Roger, let’s bring that trophy home!


***The first photo is a Getty Image from The second awesome photo is from the BNP Paribas Open Twitter Account. Special thanks to Pika for the pre-match and on-court post match interview clips 🙂 The stats are from the ATP site.***


4 thoughts on “Federer reaches his 3rd final of the year! (and it’s only March!)

  1. What a match! Milos was playing so well that I thought “uh oh, all the Fedal fans are going to be saying told you so!” But Roger was mostly so patient and in such a problem solving mode. I was so struck by Roger’s comments about Novak and their match up. You could perceive genuine admiration and warmth in his comments. Now, for the final: I have a family obligation so not sure how much or any I’ll see in real time. I know what you mean about rocking and breathing into a paper bag. That was me during the final game of the semi, rocking, clutching my pillow, and moaning. Here’s hoping for more icing on this amazing cake of being a Federer fan!


    • Hi Deborah! Roger got a bit lucky a few times with some stupid errors from Milos in the big moments. But I think that was Roger’s doing too, he corners his opponents so they try anything and everything to get out of the hole. He was very intense in the match, very vocal, with laser eyes and full concentration. But of course none of that commitment will be enough for a final against Novak. He’ll need to bring his whole arsenal into the match. And the conditions favour Novak more for sure. But he wants this win so much that I really hope he gets it! I thought his comments on both Novak and Rafa were quite illuminating and interesting. I like when he talks about the four of them too, as one big wall standing in the way of the “young guns” 🙂 he was so funny in that interview with Pam!

      Anyway, all that was fun and sunshine but in 4 hours it will be me and my paper bag. I hope when you are done with your family event you will come back to a smiley Roger with a shiny trophy!


  2. You have got me pumped for the final Ish! Overcoming Milos must have given him more confidence 🙂 He is so positive and excited abt the match in the interviews! Thanks for the links! 😀 But yea you and me have the same situation going on abt being excited! LOL

    Last year he was nearly there! He must know exactly what to do this time around. Yes Novak has advantage because of the slower conditions and he also must have prepared well having played Roger in Dubai. But Roger just looks more powerful, excited and totally ready to up his performance 🙂 So this time the bigger crystal trophy shld be in Roger’s hand 😀 And hope your sleep deprivation was all worth it! Take care Ish 🙂 and COME ON ROGER!!!


    • Thanks for reading and commenting! Roger really does sound all pumped up! I think he was definitely annoyed losing that match in the TB after breaking Novak when he was serving for the match. *sigh* I hope the tennis gods make this one right this year! I am hoping to get a bit of a nap in at some point. and then it’s breathing-into-a-paper-bag time! GO ROGER!!!


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