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Roger+Federer+Day+Eleven+Championships+Wimbledon+hjP8vjebeXlxThere are many types of Roger Federer fans. Probably the largest contingent is the general tennis fan who likes Roger’s game and playing style. This group doesn’t follow the tennis calendar religiously but they watch the Grand Slams and maybe even the odd Masters and ATP 500 if it happens to show up while they are switching through TV channels.

Then there are the Federer fans who have been clamoring for his retirement since… well there are subgroups here with various start dates. A) Since 2008 when he lost the Australian Open SF stopping his streak of reaching consecutive Major finals at 10. This sentiment reached its peak when he lost the Wimbledon final that year too; surely the end had arrived? B) Since 2010 when he lost at the QFs of Roland Garros, ending his streak of reaching consecutive Major SFs at 23; oh the shame of it all! C) 2011 when he failed to win a Major for the first time in 9 years; no Major no Roger? D) 2013 when he crashed out of Wimbledon in R2, injured his back and his ranking fell to 8. Not in the top 5 Roger? How dare you continue to hold a racquet!

Next there are those who are big Roger fans but also simultaneously fans of other players too. Maybe sometimes they root against Roger when their other favorites play him but most of the time they support him against (almost) anyone else. For this bunch, tennis is bigger than any one player, even if that player happens to be Roger Federer. Heck, even Roger says this so they are in illustrious company. Yes Roger will retire soon and they might be sad for a while, but life goes on and so does tennis so they’ll keep moving with the times.

Roger+Federer+Day+Eleven+Championships+Wimbledon+PR1fUy2PpEtxIf you recognize yourself in any of the three categories I outlined above, then you probably won’t understand the one that I belong to. This is the irrational group. No rhyme, reason or logic is applied here. Roger winning anything elevates us to such highs as if we were holding the trophy ourselves. Roger losing crushes our soul and will to live. It’s all extremes and it’s extremely unfair to Roger that we attach so much of our well-being and sanity to his actions. After all, he’s human, a mortal man who has ups and downs like any of us, right? Haven’t we all had bad days at the office or that horrible exam that made us teary even before we read the second question? We’ve all been there and Roger is no exception, right? Wrong – and therein lies the problem. We don’t apply the same rules to Roger.

Despite being at the top of the sport for a decade and a half and winning the Fan Favorite Award 12 years in a row, I’m sure Roger himself is still mystified at the degree of fandom he continues to inspire. His story is pretty simple. He was a tennis prodigy born in Basel and had the fortune to be blessed with the perfect parents for an athlete. He was raised well and this came in handy when he struggled to get his temperament under control. For a while he was known as an underachiever and then at some point it all clicked and the rest was history. Similar stories can be found on the ATP tour so why do thousands live or die with every shot he makes or misses?

People become fans for many reasons. It’s easier to understand when the fandom is for a team; fans identify with that team because of their history/legacy/location/nationality/principles. Usually there is something higher to attach oneself to than the individual players on that team. Thus, even when favorite players move on, fans usually remain with the team (for the most part). It gets more complicated when the fandom is for solo sports. Then it becomes all about that individual athlete. Either we become fans because we can identify parts of ourselves in the player: “She’s struggled with XYZ and I can identify with it”. Or, we become fans because the athlete is everything we hope and aspire to be and that is why I am a fan of Roger Federer.

Roger+Federer+Day+Eleven+Championships+Wimbledon+BUHuxb20W6WxRoger and I are polar opposites in our personalities. In fact, my personality is a combination of Rafa, Pete and Andy (both Murray and Roddick). I can be very moody like Pete and disappear into my shell for long stretches of time. I am forever underestimating myself like Rafa. I genuinely don’t think I am a lock or a favorite for anything and I constantly worry about a zillion things going wrong. If I were a tennis player I would totally ‘talk’ to myself while playing, like Andy M. does, berating myself with occasional screams. And my sense of humor is like both Andys, though I’m probably not quite as quick as Roddick.

I am ordinary in all the wrong ways and extraordinary in ways I should not be. I am constantly striving for some balance in my life and then I see Roger who juggles several different commitments and responsibilities at once. Not only does he never drop a ball, he actually seems to enjoy and thrive amidst the chaos. Sure his tennis skills are to die for but they are just one out of his many attributes that amaze and inspire me. Here is a hastily written list of the many reasons why I am in awe of the Maestro:

  • His ability to quickly move on from a loss or setback
  • His positive outlook in life
  • How he can see the best in every situation
  • His ability to compartmentalize
  • How he can prioritize his many responsibilities
  • How articulate he can be
  • How he is his own mouthpiece – no handlers or managers or coaches speak for him
  • How friendly and warm he is despite who he is i.e. Federer the Tennis God
  • How he manages to balance his personal and professional life
  • How he loves Mirka and loves being a father
  • How seriously he takes the fact that he is a role model for so many
  • His ability to be so comfortable in his own skin
  • His zeal for his charity
  • His confidence
  • His consistency
  • His longevity
  • His passion
  • His dorkiness and enthusiasm
  • His dedication, focus and discipline to work hard
  • His hunger to keep on learning
  • His ability to see the bigger picture
  • How he is still in awe of his idols
  • His openness to change and willingness to adapt
  • Oh and his tennis too… his jaw-dropping talent
  • Last but not the least, his hair that is immune to humidity

I am sure by the time I upload this post I will already think of a few more qualities that should have been included here. But you see, because of how much I look up to him, to me he is no ordinary being. In my mind he represents a symbol of possibilities: When you have the incredible combination of talent, personality, work ethic and passion all in exact proportion, a “Roger Federer” can happen in this universe. It’s rare and unique for such perfection to happen in nature. But once every generation (or two or three) a marvelous alignment of the stars happens and a “Roger Federer” is born.

Roger+Federer+Day+Four+Championships+Wimbledon+ERh3s0HUjeFxIt’s not his fault I view him this way, but the fact is, I do. I am probably damaged and deranged, not to mention, obsessive. Maybe that’s why I elevate him to a status that he never even asked for. But when he succeeds, I feel all is right in the cosmos because in my mind, he is meant to succeed, he was born to succeed. And when he loses, especially at something he worked so hard to achieve, I can’t compute. He suffered in Wimbledon 2014 but he pushed that aside and set about targeting Wimbledon 2015 right away. His preparation was perfect, he worked hard, and he had accepted his previous loss gracefully and had risen like a phoenix. Surely he would be rewarded this time?

Yet here we were; finalist again, after an amazing run. I was heartbroken and numb not because of this loss itself but because of what it represented to me. The fact that he came away empty handed, again, made me question whether it was worth it for him to work as hard as he did. Then I took it to another level of negativity. If after all that, Roger couldn’t win, what chance do I have in my puny life whether I try or not?

Before you say something in protest/shock/disgust or you are ready to step away from this blog muttering “this woman is crazy” please know this: I KNOW Roger is not responsible for my life. I KNOW it is not healthy to have my mood depend on his results. I KNOW how I sound, I’m aware of my weakness. But you know what, life is tough. I’m sure I have it better than 8/10ths of the planet’s population so this is all relative, but to me, my life is tough. So if becoming an obsessive fan of a man, who exemplifies all the good there is in this world, is what brings me joy, I’ll take it.

Whether you (or he) likes it or not, Roger Federer gives me hope. He gives me a glimpse of magic and incredulity in the midst of the daily grind and that’s not just through his tennis. Roger made me smile in the middle of a bad work day with his Malawi visit video. His emoji laden tweets make me chuckle for a minute while running between errands. He can make my bad days good and my good days great.

Roger+Federer+Day+Nine+Championships+Wimbledon+XyfjhwMdNkbxWhich is why, when he falls, I get hurt on a personal level. Because when he falls it makes him human and being human hurts. The rest of us mortals know that all too well. I don’t want Roger to ever feel hurt. He has given us so many happy moments and occasions, he doesn’t deserve the hurt. I’ll borrow a quote from Mr. Roddick here: ‘the Roger in my mind never gets beaten’. So when he suffers a loss, it is a painful aberration that is hard for me to accept on many levels.

I know the reality is we will get more of these losses as time goes on. While they are not as unexpected as before, they still hurt and inflict fresh wounds each time. It takes a while for the scabs to form and the rate of recovery is directly linked with how much Roger and I wanted that win. So for instance, Roland Garros was a 5 out of 10 on my scale of Want-That-Trophy. But Wimbledon was, is and always will be an 11. This is why my funk, and my lack of any interest in getting back to tennis, is lasting as long as it is right now.

I am guessing that when he rejoins the tour I will be more or less ready to rejoin it as well. I am secretly relieved he’s skipping Montreal because I am not prepared to allow tennis back into my life yet. Wimbledon was always going to produce an extreme reaction from me depending on the result; I knew that going into the tournament. Now that it’s over, the rest of the year won’t be as up and down. Sadly, that’s comforting to know and it helps me to look forward towards the end of the year.

I know reaching the Wimbledon final was a fantastic result. I know this objectively. But I also know how much he wanted the win, how much he is used to cradling that glittering golden trophy in his arms. I know how at the end of the day neither Roger nor I are used to him collecting runner-up silverware. But maybe it’s because he’s not used to it that he continues to fight. Maybe he knows the excellence he is capable of and that knowledge is what keeps him going. As for me, after reading the above you have probably realized by now that I have no choice. As long as he keeps going, I keep going; no ifs, ands or buts.

Roger+Federer+Day+Two+Championships+Wimbledon+1-A01ROix-xxThe losses hurt badly, especially when they hurt him badly too. But just like his trophies, tweets and videos make me smile, a beautifully constructed point that only he could produce – that makes me smile too. He still makes me say out loud at least once per match, in jaw-dropping wonderment, ‘You’re a genius Roger!’ His matches still provide a glorious escape into a world of beauty, talent, thrills and squeals. He has had 7 losses this year and the Wimbledon final was of course the worst. But he has also won 40 matches so far. That’s 40 different times he has made me smile and made my day(s) and that’s not counting the non-tennis moments when he made me giggle. I’d be a fool to give that up even if I could.

I don’t know why I wrote this post. I think I needed to get my feelings out and use my writing as a therapeutic tool. I wanted to understand for myself why I react the way I do about his matches. I know this isn’t the way most people feel, though I’m hoping at least a few people will identify with this or else I really am all alone in my insanity. For better or for worse, I’ve exposed all my vulnerabilities. I don’t know if baring my soul will help me in the long run but for now, here I am, still standing. I’m still crying over the hurt from Wimbledon but I know that I’ll be back when he’s back. There’s nothing left to say after that.


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  1. What a great post. Emphasised my sadness which still lies beneath as I carry on my daily life. I am just as irrational, I just try to keep it within myself and keep moving on, as Rog wld do. In fact, when I start being negative or unable to cope I try to say to myself ” what wld Roger do?” Try to be positive.

    I am still unable to watch last set of 2008 W final, last set of W 2014 final and last 2 sets of this yr… Doubt I ever will!

    Thank you for this Ish! 😘😘


    • Thank you for commenting Susie. I really wish I could be as positive and as quick as Roger to be able to move past disappointments. I don’t think I’ve seen anybody even in my non-tennis-fan life, who can do that as well as he can. It’s an amazing gift he has. As for the 3 matches you mentioned I have never watched W2008 and W2014 finals again. I only watched the tie-break of this year’s final once, just because I didn’t see it when it actually happened. I was so nervous that I changed the channel, put my tv on mute and followed only livescores. *sigh* here’s hoping for a great finish to the year!


  2. Excellent post! I could relate to almost every word you’ve written..Roger to me isn’t just a player who I think is the GOAT; his influence is much beyond just tennis. A corner of my heart still hurts due to the Wimbledon ’15 loss. I was so convinced that he will lift the trophy this time especially after the way he had played on grass before the finals (on God mode in the SF’s) that the mere fact that he lost couldn’t be accepted either by my brain or my heart.

    He does provide a glitter of hope in this mundane world and endless inspiration to what a single human can achieve, both professionally and personally. Also, the fact that I’ve never seen him live is consuming me from the inside. I know there won’t be many chances left but due to the weight of endless responsibilities, I am not sure if it’ll happen anytime soon. It’s an irony as the U.S open series is about to start and I live in the U.S, still missing the chances. I somehow get a very strange feeling if he retires and I never see him play live, there’ll be a sense of regret until my last breath. I can imagine my kids say “Were you out of your mind of being in his generation and not seeing him live?”
    Anyways, the point is Roger Federer is much beyond what a mere mortal can be and the fact that I was a part of his generation and saw a lot of his art (on a TV!!!) should suffice, maybe.

    I just hope he sees one more glimpse of glory!

    Ending with this gem:

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.


    • That last bit is awesome, gave me goose bumps. And I feel the same way about maybe never seeing him play live, I was planning on going to the Cincinnati open this year, but it fell through 😦 I’ve seen some good college players before and they were absolutely insane. I can’t begin to think how amazing it would be to see Roger himself play. I think I would probably just be totally speechless and look like an idiot just staring at him. Anyway, good luck on seeing him play, I sure hope I get an opportunity soon as well.


    • Oh wow! I am blown away by your comment and especially the gem at the end! so beautiful! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on the post! I was finally able to see him live in 2013 for one match at the WTFs in London which he lost vs. Novak. But the result didn’t even matter. I was SO taken by him moving in front of me, his movement is so breathtaking, I swear it doesn’t translate onto the screen. The tv I think shrinks the court somehow. Live, you can tell how fast these guys move to get to each ball. and he never ever looks like he is straining or trying too hard. I really understood why there are so many comparisons of him to a dancer. He is so elegant, never a foot out of place. I really really hope you can see him one day. I flew from Bangladesh to the UK and the planning took almost a year. all for just one night and one match, but it was so worth it! Here’s to Roger continuing to bring magic into all our lives. Onwards and upwards!


    • OMG!!! You used JRR Tolkien words to prerfection here!!! It has more meaning here then in the LOTR story LOL! BLESS YOU

      Liked by 1 person

      • Than* (sorry i’m just so emotional after reading the post i’ve lost sense of spelling and grammar) 😛


      • Thanks! This Tolkien quote gives me goosebumps every time I read it. It’s like tailor-made for Roger.
        It’s such a beautiful feeling to see several people expressing their raw emotions, especially a majority of them for the first time to this depth. It’s an amazing revelation and gives me a feeling of an esoteric closed-knit family!!


  3. everything you said was perfect , I am deffinilty like you in many ways, it is crushing to see him lose. Even when the odds aren’t in his favor. Wimbeldon was a complete tragedy. It’s so awful to know someone deserved something, but it gets snatched away. He deserves it all, because he is exactly as you described him, amazing, jaw dropping, When I watch him play I can’t help but smile from ear to ear. Everything from the way he plays to how he engages with so many fans. I really hope he knows how much of an impact he has made on people. I fear the day that he will step down, because it will mean no more franticly screaming after he wins a point, or the constant feeling of just being happy after he wins. I will miss that when the day comes. But I am so thankful that I have been able to watch him play. Patrick McEnroe once said that we should give thanks, because we have the privilege of watching the greatest player ever and witness all that he has done. I could go on and on about how special and important Roger is to me. I only hope that one day before he retires I will be able to see him play live, that is one of my biggest goals in life, to see him with my own eyes and just look at his greatness. You are entirely right though, when Roger losses, I feel like I just lost. In a much harder way then if I was to actually lose a tennis match. He has done so much for anyone who has witnessed him float around the court like a gracious magnificent beast. He truly does not deserve to lose or to be hurt and fall. lone live the GOAT


    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I’m so happy to see so many others are out there who feel the same way I do! Makes me feel less alone and also relieved that I’m not alone in my insanity 🙂 I’m still not over the Wimbledon result but I guess with time, the pain will get more dull. and you are right, we are so lucky he’s still playing and we still get to see him hit his flawless shots while continuing to inspire millions around the world. I still can’t even bring myself to think about a possible end date so since Roger hasn’t said anything, I choose not to even think of that moment.
      I do hope you get to see him live one day. You think you are prepared because you have seen so many matches, but trust me, nothing will get you ready to actually watch him live as he glides across the court. I think I forgot to breathe when I first saw him ❤
      Thanks again for commenting and I hope you will visit the blog again in the future 🙂


  4. A post from the heart that certainly echoes my feelings about Roger. He IS tennis for me, his participation brings the enthusiasm to follow a tournament, his victories are the best tonic, his losses don’t make me hate the player he lost to, I just feel empty and unimaginably sad and somehow lose interest in the rest of the proceedings. I count the days till he plays again and hope he is able to manage his schedule to make that opportunity last as long as possible.

    The only thing that does perturb me is the use of the term “dork” to describe him. Sadly that word has unpleasant and unflattering meanings which I am sure fans, if they knew, would not wish to associate with our Roger …. sorry, but that is one bee I cannot get out of my bonnet :-/


    • Thank you for commenting Wendy! Much appreciated! and he IS tennis for me too! My tennis schedule is 99% Roger’s schedule. It’s rare that I watch a tournament when he isn’t playing. I don;t know what that means for the future but I am in no hurry to find out. For now, I’m just looking forward to Cincy.
      As for the ‘dork’ term, I know the meaning you are talking about but I have never ever heard anyone use it in that context. Perhaps because I am more used to American English? I grew up knowing the word being used affectionately, as in socially awkward in a very endearing way. I read up on it after seeing your comment and this is what I found which kind of makes sense for me as to how the meaning of the word has evolved
      Regardless of all that, thank you so much for reading and I hope you will visit the blog again in the future 🙂


  5. Such a lovely write up. Sentimental, passionate, deep from the heart. Truly loved it. I can assure you, you are not alone. Roger is an embodiment of what to look up to and knowing it he carries it gracefully. Just as this post gave me the feels I hope it was every bit therapeutic for you as you expected it to be and much more. Thanks for opening yourself up to us. We are bounded in our love for Roger and it has been great and a fun ride despite the ups and downs, highs and lows. Here is to many more fun times with the maestro, whose great outlook at life and at the sport he loves radiates through him to us and we don’t regret any bit of it. Cheers!!!!


    • Glory! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I felt naked and raw after writing it and thought for a few days before eventually deciding to post it. It took a while for me to write it too, I kept adding and deleting because I am not used to sharing so much of myself out in the public world. I am still not over Wimbledon, and I’m still feeling a bit nervous about having shared so much but in a way I do feel a bit lighter.
      We are indeed bound by our love for Roger and we’re going to be on the roller-coaster till he stops it. Here’s to hoping we have a great 4 months coming up!


  6. I thought this was simply awesome. You expressed the feelings of millions of us around the world. I’m in total agreement about Wimbledon. I know it’s his favorite tournament and it’s the one that made me a fan, nine years ago. To see him play almost flawless tennis for six matches and then to miss the ultimate prize is a blow. However, as long as he picks up a racquet, I’ll be there cheering him on. Despite the pain of the loss, I wouldn’t trade places with fans of any other player, not for 10 Wimbledons.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting Deborah! It was tough writing this post but now that I’m done I DO feel a bit lighter I think. Though I’m still not entirely ready for tennis just yet. Hopefully by Cincy. Wimbledon was really gut-wrenching especially because he wanted to win it so badly. *sigh* But you are right of course; I would never trade places with fans of any other player. I have my long list of non-tennis reasons why I admire him so much so that alone doomed me to being a FedFan for life 😉


      • I tell myself I am over it yet find myself at odd moments imagining a different outcome. I did watch the second set tiebreak again and took heart from one thing: the complete and total love and support in almost every corner of the crowd watching the match.


      • OMG I did the exact same thing Deborah. I rewatched just that TB and the fight he put in that and the sheer adoration from the crowd made my heart swell up in pride! ❤


  7. Thank you for this amazing post. I totally identify with everything you so beautifully articulate. I’m frequently asked about my “fandom” and my ROGI passion, and this covers it all. WondeRFUL❤️🇨🇭🎾


    • Thanks for reading the post and commenting Karen! I feel a bit exposed at having written so much about my innermost thoughts but it feels less lonely when I realize so many others can also identify with it. Hope you will visit the blog again sometime. 🙂


  8. Ish you have made me laugh and cry with tis post! I for now have no words to describe how good it is :’)
    I’m an irrational fan too. Exactly like you…his losses hurt so bad that i isolate myself from everything but even smallest thing like his tweets or a new picture excite me and make me so happy, i think about it and smile like an idiot all day 😀
    Ish you too have made my year with this post! Its so precious because I relate to every word, but I never express to anyone about my obsession and attachment to dearest Roger. You took the tumble for people like us 😛 A very beautiful and graceful one of course 🙂


    • Sorry for the delayed reply! I had gone into my hiatus-from-tennis again. Your comments are absolutely lovely and I am so glad you enjoyed the post! Without Roger on tour, I have been discovering the past month that i am just not that interested in tennis. I find myself not making time for it and focusing on life’s other mundane priorities. I guess this is how it will be when he stops playing for good 😦 but in the meantime, like you said, even a tweet or an interview helps make my day and those haven’t happened either lately. It’s understandable of course, he needs a break!
      Writing the post was not easy and even after I had written it it took a few days for me to decide whether I should post it or not. I was afraid of the world knowing how crazy I am :/ So I am extra thankful that not only has it been well-received, there are others who are able to identify with it which means I am not alone. Thanks for reading it and for commenting!


  9. I’ve finally decided to come out of my shell as well and visiting your blog was the first thing that came to my mind. ❤ Lemme just say thank you so much for expressing my thoughts as well as the those of our fellow fans beautifully! Hooray for the irrational group! 😛 We may tend to become too emotinal at times but only it's because we love Roger way too much! I don't know if love is the right word because it seems like it's even understatement to what we're feeling for our Swiss maestro. XD Honestly though, up to now I can't help but cry too whenever I remember that final. It feels as if it happened yesterday. Although I'm lucky that my family and friends are aware of how painful it was for me and that they're trying to cheer me up, they'll never understand how it really feel. Reading this post really made me feel better (and emotional, of course!) because K know that I'm not alone. I wish we have this island where we members of this group could retreat to! Here we'd just hug it all out, talk about how much we love him, swoon over him, and maybe watch some funny clips then laugh like idiots together ahhh that would've been the best therapy for me! 😀 Again thank you for making me positive again. 🙂 For reminding us why we go through such emotions, why we care so much. Remember that you are never alone (not it a creepy way XD), we're all in this together until the very end. *sending you the warmest and most comfy hug out there!* ❤


    • Awww thank you for the warm and comfy hug! Apologies for not responding sooner, I had gone back to my non-tennis life. No Roger no tennis. I’m glad you came out of your shell and I am honored that visiting the blog was the first thought in your mind 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the post and that you could identify with it. It wasn’t an easy piece to write that’s for sure. But like you said, it helps to know we are not alone ❤ Hopefully we will all be back to business as usual when Roger returns on tour. Till then, I'll just keep dreaming of that island that we could all retreat to 😉 Thank you so much for reading the post, visiting the blog and for your wonderful comments. See you back here hopefully when Roger gets back 🙂


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  11. These could be my words, the sadness when he loses a match lasts several days.


  12. Thank you for your awesome post. You write beautifully. Your honesty & raw emotion touched me deeply. I love being able to relate to someone who feels like I do about Roger. May we all continue to be inspired by him, and challenged to be our best as he does..
    PS Do you check Roger’s Twitter page every day in case he has tweeted & somehow the notifications failed to tell you? At least once?!


    • Thank you for reading and commenting Jen! I thought I had replied to you before but something must have happened to my reply because I don’t see it here. Apologies! I’m glad you were able to identify with the post, especially because it was tough to write and even tougher to decide to post it for the world to see. As for twitter, I most definitely check his account at least once a day without fail 😀 And lastly, yay for Cincy! I am writing this response in the morning after his win so I am feeling very giddy 🙂 Hopefully he will have a good USO. Thanks again for commenting!


  13. I am also an irrational Roger fan and I get very stressed out and nervous during his matches. Most times I can barely sleep before a big final or watch once he starts losing. I understand your passion and depression after the final. Some will say it’s unhealthy to have Roger affect our moods so much, but I see it differently. When you put as much time and enthusiasm into a tournament like we do. Hours upon hours. 2 straight weeks. That’s not including the 11 month season of other tournaments. It’s only natural to feel profound disappointment when the final outcome of the tournament is not what you expected. Other sports do not require such a commitment. The Super Bowl is one game a year and 8-10 season games. Tennis is more than 100 matches a year for many players. I understand your sadness and hope you are feeling better. Let’s just hope Rog will bounce back with wins in Cincy and US Open to make up for the two years of heart breaking wimbledon losses.


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments! You are so right especially about the commitment it takes to be a fan of tennis compared to other sports. As I write this it’s 2:33am my time and I am still on a high from the Cincy title defense! Very happy he won today although given the choice, of course I would have preferred him to have won Wimbledon instead. But since we didn’t get that, I’ll take this, especially because it was against Novak 🙂
      Thank you again for reading and writing here. I am glad you were able to identify with the post. Do drop by here again sometime 🙂


  14. Lovely article. It touches on so much of my own thoughts and feelings that friends have “accused” me of writing it myself LOL.


  15. After the heartbreaking loss today, I needed to come re-read this post, which I bookmarked. I never expected Roger to lose in such a lop sided match. The first two sets were like a living nightmare. The only good thing I can say that somehow Roger was super positive and a gentlemen in his press conference again. I need to learn to be more like Roger. It can’t be easy saying such nice things about someone as arrogant as Novak. I hope you’re fairing better than I am.

    Bring on Rotterdam ASAP, so I can get over this match quicker. For the first time, I’m rooting for Murray or Raonic. Mr. Robot hasn’t won the 11th title yet.


    • Tennis girl18, thanks for bringing this post was sent to me in an it! I didn’t watch the match myself..too personally emotionally involved to bear it. But to hear that Fed handled it with grace and class makes us all love him even more.


      • Thanks for reading the post and commenting here again Donna! I can’t even believe someone thought this post was worthy enough to send it via email! I am very touched indeed. I was at my most vulnerable when I wrote this post but I was so glad when I realized from the comments that I wasn’t alone in my Roger-insanity! Thanks again for reading it and fingers crossed we get a fabulous 2016 for our champ! He deserves it ❤


    • Hello again Tennis girl 18! Sadly, Mr. Robot has indeed won his 11th by now, as we all kind of knew he would. I didn’t fare much better than you to be honest. Somehow Roger can rise above it all while there is me, curled up in a ball with a dark cloud over my head. Rotterdam will be a nice change of pace though the field is surprisingly strong there too :/

      You know what’s funny, after his loss, I re-read this post too! and especially all the comments from others at the end. That always makes me feel good, that there are people out there who feel and understand the roller-coaster of emotions I go through with Roger.

      Thank you so much for re-reading this post and commenting. It’s honestly become one of my own favorite posts too. ❤ *sending hugs*


  16. I feel precisely how you do! He, his game & ALL of his family! Mean the world to me! 💖🎾🎾❤️💚💛


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