This blog covers all things RF. It is dedicated to my dearest friend and avid FedFan @EfieZac. May she RIP 💙

Hello, it’s me.



…I was wondering if after all these months you’d still like to read my posts.


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything at all for this blog. My last post was back in October 2015 after the US Open. Since then, life got in the way. Work, personal commitments, illness and my best friend’s wedding all served to take away my attention from tennis. Not so much that I missed Roger’s matches because I didn’t. But I had no time to write at all. Actually, that’s probably not entirely true. I am sure if I had really wanted to, I would have found the time somehow. But while last year was a good year for Roger, he had 3 losses that hit me hard. And for reasons I still don’t fully understand, those losses made me lose my interest in writing.

It felt like so much extra work all of a sudden, to carve out time in the midst of everything else and write when I knew the pattern that would unfold. We would get a great tournament with Roger in fantastic form from only to get Novak in the final and lose the plot. It became predictable, almost routine. And sports aren’t fun if you already know the result. Well, it is if you are a fan of the player that’s winning everything, as we Federer fans know too well from the past. But we are no longer in that past and last year’s Wimbledon, the US Open and the World Tour Finals killed the fun for me in that order. I still enjoyed watching him play of course, I don’t think that will ever go away. But writing about the build-up as he went deeper into a tournament knowing what the final result might be felt like a chore and so, I stopped writing.

f_federer_220116_116Now that I look back, other than those 3 heartbreaks, Roger had a very good year. With the exception of the Australian Open, he performed well in the Grand Slams. He also did well at the ATP 250 and 500 tournaments. Winning 6 titles in a year is no joke, just ask Julien Benneteau. The only reason he ended the season ranked #3 is because he did surprisingly badly at the Masters level. Yes he won Cincinnati and he reached the finals in Rome and Indian Wells. But out of the other 6 Masters, he skipped 2 and had 2 R2 losses and 2 R3 losses. That’s a lot of points Roger lost out on and thus Andy took the #2 spot in the year-end rankings. Still, had he won just 1 of the 3 losses I mentioned earlier, the year would have been fantastic no matter what his ranking turned out to be. Obviously that didn’t happen and so we ended 2015 with Roger being the 3rd best player in the world.

I wasn’t sure what 2016 would bring but I had a feeling it would follow similar patterns to 2015. So far we’re only in the 2nd tournament of the year and although he didn’t win in Brisbane, he was ill that whole week so I think we still don’t know where exactly his game is at. He had two good matches at the Australian Open thus far but had a difficult time in his 3rd round match. His draw is very tough so he has already faced opponents who are better players than their current rankings suggest. The journey ahead is not going to get any better so we shall have to wait and see how it goes.

f_federer_220116_109In other words, it’s still too early to predict how this year will go. Yet regardless of the uncertainty, the New Year filled me with a renewed sense of hope that all beginnings tend to bring and made me want to write again. But since it had been so long, I wasn’t sure exactly how to start writing or what to write about. I had been mulling over this dilemma for the past few weeks until suddenly, it hit me 2 days ago: Roger’s 300th Grand Slam match win was coming up. ‘300’ has a special significance for me because I started this blog over 3 years ago with my first 5 line post about how Roger was 1 win away from ensuring 300 weeks as the World #1. It seemed only right that I start writing again as Roger reached another ‘300’ milestone. And so, as the umpire called ‘Game, Set, Match, Federer’ in his 3rd round match, I knew it was time for me to write… something, so here I am.

Hopefully I can keep writing as the year goes on. Maybe, despite the evidence thus far, 2016 will bring fun surprises and amazing and unexpected wins. And if not, then possibly I can ride on that wave of optimism and write anyway. There are however, 3 facts that we know will happen no matter what. 1. Roger will keep setting new records 2. Roger will still play the most watchable and entertaining tennis of all time and 3. Roger will remain an amazing, lovable and fun human being both on and off the court. Perhaps those 3 immutable truths alone will keep my blog alive 🙂


***Photos are from the Australian Open site***


14 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me.

  1. Ish, thank you for your story. I missed without your messages. I felt the same thing that you are. Roger in 2015 showed an excellent level of tennis. But without these three great victories I was sad. the new season has begun in the soul again living hope. Let’s believe in our Roger. We love him and we will always love him, even if he loses. It brings joy to our hearts. Write your message, please. I’ll translate them into Russian for his friends as before. We are all waiting.


    • Thank you so much for your absolutely lovely comment Lena! I am so humbled that you have translated my posts into Russian for the Russian speaking fans! You are a rockstar for doing that! I know how difficult translations are to do. I’m glad you understand where my feelings are coming from. It makes me feel less alone. But hopefully this year will bring something new. He has already reached the SFs of the Australian Open so that’s a good start 🙂 Thanks again for following the blog and not forgetting about it! I hope to write again soon. ❤


  2. Hello you! 😉
    Really happy to see a new post on your blog after all this time 🙂 So, of course, yes, I would be very interested to read new articles! 🙂 I know it takes a lot of time to write, and that there is always some moments where we doubt and think about to stop. I think that’s pretty much the same for all of us… and to be honest you’re the only one to have the answer to the question “qhould I continue to write ?” If you don’t feel the desire or the need to to do it, then you shouldn’t… But many Roger’s fans would miss you and your posts 😉 Hope Roger will bring a lot of joy in your tennis fan life this year!! 😀 Allez!!


    • Hi there! Apologies for the delayed reply! Roger lost in the SFs and I quickly popped out of my tennis bubble because basically work has kept me very busy. You are so right. I should write only when I feel like it and I hope to slowly get back into it again. Maybe Rotterdam will give us a shiny trophy! We haven’t won one yet. Fingers crossed! and thanks a lot for not forgetting this blog! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey! 🙂 No problem! Unfortunately we won’t have reasons to smile until Indian Wells now… but I definitely hope and think it will be the case after that!! 😀 And don’t worry, I can’t forget such a great blog about Roger! 😉


      • Awww, thanks a lot for saying that! Meanwhile, sadly yes, we are in for a long wait. I am not used to Roger being out for such a long time due to injury; which made me realize all over again how lucky we have been thus far with his career. Perhaps this break will give him extra motivation to come back even stronger! We can only hope. Thanks for commenting and do drop by again!

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  3. Welcome back! Your great writing, terrific insight and detailed stats were greatly missed! Roger had some tough losses but his beautiful game and wonderful persona helped us cope. So glad to have your special take on this great Federer journey!


    • Apologies for the delayed response Deborah! Thank you so much for your comments and for reading the post! I hope to write again soon(ish) :/ Real life keeps getting in the way 😦 So far 2016 is continuing in the same vein as 2015, but that bound to change at some point… right? *puppy eyes* Regardless of it all, it was lovely to see him again after so long, floating and dancing over the court. and he seemed happy and sunny too, that’s always infectious ❤ Till next time, I'm signing off 🙂


  4. All your effort is appreciated welcome back …..Roger is compelling and will fascinate us until he puts down his racquet and you add to our enjoyment and understanding, immensely. Thankyou .


    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment Catherine. Sorry for the delayed reply. and you are so right, Roger’s tennis and personality will continue to fascinate us till the end of time 😀 Hope to write again soon!


  5. As always, you have captured in words what I have been feeling..and probably so many others who idolise Federer..and we do it for so many of the great reasons you expressed. With every match Fed sets more records that will probably never be equaled or beaten, and those records don’t even include Fed’s “Style Points!”

    Hope you don’t mind, I have a Pinterest Group Page called “Roger Federer the GOAT” here and have pinned a few of your blog posts on it.

    Here’s to more FedererFandom and it’s good to know we are in good company!



    • Hi Donna! Oh wow! It’s so cool that you pinned a few of my posts on your group page! Much appreciated and very humbled indeed 🙂 Thank you! I am not on Pinterest so it’s extra special to me that a few of my posts are there even if I am not 😀
      I like your “style points” term! that applies so well to Roger and him alone. We’re in for a long waiting period now and I miss him already. Hopefully he will heal quickly and come back with a vengeance. Thanks again for visiting the blog and I hope you drop by again soon 🙂


      • Thanks so much. If you do have a chance do drop by the Pinterest page.. and Pinterest in general is a virtual gold mine of Federer photos. hugs,



      • Hi Donna, if I ever get around to signing up on Pinterest, your page will definitely be the first one I shall visit 🙂 Thanks again! and fingers crossed these Roger-less days go by super quick!


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